James Chen answers questions for our followers on Twitter

Kal. Hilltop guard. The Walking Dead. AMC.
Kal. Hilltop guard. The Walking Dead. AMC. /

James C. Chen, the actor who portrays Hilltop guard Kal, answered questions for our Twitter followers before the episode on Sunday.

Our Twitter takeovers have been extremely popular so far. We’ve been very fortunate to have so many of the members of The Walking Dead cast jump in and volunteer to chat with our followers.

Hilltop Colony actors have been wonderful. We started with Jeremy Palko and Justin Kucsulain and continued with Peter Zimmerman and James Chen. Xander Berkeley has agreed to schedule a chat at some point to round out the Hilltop gang.

During the second half of season 7, we have Walkers and Saviors to look forward to as Undead Chats. HIlltop has set a high standard, but I’m sure the Walkers and Saviors can hang!

As seems to be a common story with some of the actors cast in the later seasons, James had not read the comics or seen the show before being cast, but had heard great things about it. Of course, since being cast he has caught up through the benefit of the binge-watch.

One of my favorite questions was about the wardrobe of the apocalypse survivors. Sometimes some of the characters seem a little overdressed for the occasion. And I don’t mean their clothes are too fancy, but they are wearing too many clothes for the weather.

James had a great and succinct answer to that Tweet.

James hasn’t worked with too many walkers yet, but had nice things to say about them. He had  great things to say about one cast member in particular and was very excited to meet so many of the main cast.

James has worked in theater, film and television and also plays piano. He received his MFA at Yale Drama.

Thankfully, like most of the cast and crew, James finds the fans and The Walking Dead Family to be positive and supportive. Yay, us!

Next: Hilltops other guard, Eduardo, took over our Twitter, too.

Thank you so much, James, for joining us and answering questions. People loved chatting with you. We love having you as a new friend to Undead Walking. We hope Kal stays safe for many seasons to come.

P.S. Don’t let Gregory use you as a walker sheild! And make him learn your name!