Issue 162 of The Walking Dead is the perfect time for a major death

The Walking Dead comic promotional artwork - Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
The Walking Dead comic promotional artwork - Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

Issue 162 of The Walking Dead comics is the last in the The Whisperer War and could be the perfect time to kill off a previously untouchable character.

With the Whisperer War coming to an end in The Walking Dead comic book series and a potential issue brewing between The Sanctuary and Alexandria, things are getting absolutely crazy in the zombie apocalypse.

Issue 162 is the sixth and final installment of the story regarding the battles with Beta and The Whisperers. While there have been some intense moments in the pages, there haven’t been a lot of shocking deaths or jaw-dropping events.

So far, the only major losses for Rick’s side of the war have been Father Gabriel and Negan’s bat Lucille. For an altercation of this magnitude, thoughts were that there would be many named characters killed off others possibly wounded badly.

But what if all of this is a setup by Robert Kirkman and Image Comics to really shock people with a huge death?

Beta and his men, along with their army of walkers, are getting ready to march on another settlement now that they’ve burned The Hilltop to the ground. Logically, the next location will be either The Kingdom or Alexandria.

Sadly, The Kingdom doesn’t offer much as far as characters readers are strongly attached to and wouldn’t provide great value for a final assault. However, with the ammunition being delivered to Alexandria and Rick staying out of the war for the most part, Alexandria could be just the place to hit.

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But what if ‘The Whisperer War Part 6 of 6’ is the issue where Rick takes his last breaths?

In the past, it has been impossible to think that Rick Grimes might be killed off in the comic book series. His role in the groups have been a powerful one, but having him working behind the scenes has made him seem much more fragile than in the past.

Having a fight for power in Alexandria while the people from The Sanctuary tried to assert themselves in control would make for a hugely emotional time. It would send shockwaves through the comic book community.

Many fans believe that Rick Grimes will die eventually. However, it’s hard to imagine the series without him. Forcing the communities to grieve and scramble for leadership while The Saviors close in on them would make for a fantastic storyline going forward, and one that would bring even more eyes to the hit comic book series.

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Realistically, this particular situation will not likely happen. After all, The Walking Dead is the story of Rick Grimes, even though the role of protagonist is likely going to be passed on to Carl eventually. However, it is interesting to think of what could happen in the comic books…and if Robert Kirkman is ruthless enough to make this tragic happen in the pages of his popular Image and Skybound series. But rest assured that the comics have something wonderful in store when issue 162 is released on January 4. 2016.