The Walking Dead: Twitter reacts to new character portraits


AMC’s Facebook Page posted a new album of character portraits titled “Prepare for February 12” to tease season 7B and Twitter loved it.

It was easy to figure out that new character portraits had been posted somewhere from AMC yesterday when they started showing up everywhere on Twitter. After a tiny bit of searching, I found the album on the official Facebook page of The Walking Dead.

The album had a simple caption: Times in Alexandria are changing. Get ready to rise up. #TWD. AMC and The Walking Dead do such a great job with the little promotional images and things to keep fans excited for the series while it is on break. 

We had some cryptic images a few weeks ago that revved up the mystery of possible events to come. We’ve seen a few new still photos from the midseason premiere. We’ve had some interviews. There is always something going on in The Walking Dead world.

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We asked our followers on Twitter to give their reactions to the new character portraits. Some people were blasé about them, but most seemed to like them. At least they did their job in making the fans think about the characters and what might happen to them in the coming months.

Quite a few people noticed the ideas of tearing, breaking, broken, pieces, or putting things back together. The idea that our group has been torn or broken and is putting themselves back together. The black, white and red was mentioned quite a bit as well.

Next: A new group is teased in a new photo!

What are your thoughts on the new character portraits. Do you like the artistic style? Do they help you get excited for the second half of the season? As you saw, some people were missing some of our old friends and some are missing some of our new friends.

The album was caption mentioned Alexandria so I think that’s why there are no portraits for Ezekiel or Jesus or Gregory. We still have a little time left until February 12th so we might get more nice teases before then.