Comic book recap: The Walking Dead issue 163 ‘Conquered’

Eugene and Rick - The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound
Eugene and Rick - The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound /

Rick Grimes and the people of Alexandria faces a massive obstacle in The Walking Dead issue 163 titled ‘Conquered’ which was released on February 1. 2017.

The Walking Dead may have ended the series based on The Whisperer War, but the war itself is far from over. With a massive horde of the undead knocking on the doorstep of Alexandria, the community will need to pull together to overcome possibly to most difficult challenge yet.

If you have not read issue 162 or need a refresher, it is highly advised you do so or check out the Undead Walking recap of 162 before diving into this recap. And, of course, if you don’t want to know what happens in the issue, stop reading right now.


Issue 163 picks up right where the previous installment left off. Rick Grimes is coming to the realization that the survivors still have an ocean of the undead to dead with and they are approaching the gates of Alexandria.

The sound of the walkers starts to draw people out of their homes, particularly Andrea, who is ready to do her part in fighting them off. She goes to gather the horses, but is stopped by Rick, who says that he needs her with him.

Andrea disagrees, and Dwight chimes in by stating that she will be fine. Rick is quick to shut that talk down and tell him that he has no clue just how much danger the community and the survivors are in.

Instead of getting frustrated, Dwight offers to try to divert some of the crowd away from their home. Rick agrees and tells Dwight to gather his best riders and do his best to thin the crowd of the undead.

Eugene and Rick - The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound
Eugene and Rick – The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound /

Eugene offers to help with pulling some walkers away from the herd, but Rick tells him that he just collapsed after delivering ammunition to the community and going on a mission now would be a horrible mistake. Still, Eugene insists on going, and Rick finally agrees.

With the walkers nearing the gates, the people on horses are ready to go. The gates to the community open, and led by Eugene, the group heads toward the undead. The streets are already so crowded that they can’t circle the horde, so instead they take some alleys to try to get around them.

Inside Alexandria, panic is setting in. Anne announces that the walkers are now within range, and wonders if they will go away if the community stays silent. Rick says that isn’t an option due to the size of the herd and them pressing against each other to prevent them from leaving.

The group agrees not to start firing weapons until giving Eugene and the others a chance to split some of them away from the ocean of zombies and will rely on a trench to slow them down.  Just then, Negan emerges and is told by Rick to get back inside. He does not get a gun and is told to stay clear.

The walker army - The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound
The walker army – The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound /

The trench is slowing down the herd, but they just keep coming. Andrea is frustrated by the number of the walkers, but Eugene says they can thin the group one batch at a time. They pair up to each grab the attention of some walkers.

Michonne and Jesus are going through with the plan, but are still overwhelmed by the number of walkers. Michonne jumps off her horse and gives the reigns to Jesus, telling him to stay ahead of her.

She starts attacking walkers, slicing away what she can before becoming exhausted and switching off with Jesus. This way, they figure they can eliminate some while drawing others away.

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Back in Alexandria, the walkers have arrived at the fence. They need to be thinned out, so the group grabs some hand-held weapons to take some out without drawing attention to themselves.

While others question the plan, Negan gets impatient. He grabs and knife and walks right up the gate, stabbing walkers in the head while telling others to get in there and do some work. Stunned, Rick agrees and orders the survivors to help relieve some pressure from the gates.

After some work, the group realizes that the zombies up front are getting crushed by the weight of the other behind them. The walker bodies are being pushed through the gate, breaking bones and nearly liquefying.

The pressure becomes too much and the gate falls. Walkers start to flood the community. Anne, Negan, and others are doing what they can to kill the undead, but the numbers are too much. They throw around ideas, but none seem like they could actually work.

Paula and Rick with walkers - The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound
Paula and Rick with walkers – The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound /

Walkers are able to grab Paula and pull her into the horde and Rick tries to save her. As she is being devoured, she asks for them to find Mikey and keep him safe. The others flee in horror while Rick falls to the ground.

A walker grabs Rick, but he is saved by Negan. In typical Negan fashion, he says this makes up for everything, and Rick’s silence has Negan saying that he is a hard man to please.

Outside Alexandria, John has climbed a telephone pole and is watching the attack on Alexandria through a pair of binoculars. He tells Sherry that it will be one heck of a show as the issue comes to a close.

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The Walking Dead 164 is titled “A Fallen House” and will be released on February 15, 2017. Considering the situation Alexandria is in with the walkers invading their community and The Saviors watching on, fans will not want to miss the second February release!