Review: The Walking Dead comic book issue 163 ‘Conquered’

The walker army - The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound
The walker army - The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound /

Was issue 163 of The Walking Dead comic book series any good? Find out the good and bad things in a review of ‘Conquered’ released February 1. 2017.

Supersized and only 25 cents, even if The Walking Dead issue 163 was a sub-par book, it would have been well worth the value just for the artwork and continuation of the story of The Whisperers getting the last laugh on Alexandria.

However, ‘Conquered’ was surprisingly very good. Not only did it keep the story going but it developed other relationships and provided some intense moments that showed these characters really love the people they live with and the community itself.

Be warned, this review will contain spoilers for The Walking Dead 163: ‘Conquered’. So, if you haven’t read it yet, or need a quick refresher, be sure to check out Undead Walking’s recap of ‘Conquered’ first.


Perhaps the best thing about this comic was how it explained everything. Previously, I wondered why the community couldn’t just splatter the walls of Alexandria with walker blood and stay quiet to let the horde pass, but all that was covered by Rick in this issue, making the threat more credible and believable.

Eugene and Rick - The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound
Eugene and Rick – The Walking Dead 163, Image Comics and Skybound /

It also brought out the best in Eugene. The transformation this character has taken over the course of his development has been a fantastic one, and his confidence in his abilities is what can make him an even more valuable asset to the community.

The biggest takeaway is that Negan probably could have let Rick die in this issue. Instead, the former leader of The Saviors saved his life and was willing to work the gates to eliminate walkers. It is getting harder and harder not to believe that he wants to be a part of the group.

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On the negative side, Michonne and Jesus deviating from the plan is not a good thing. While they believe they might be helping, putting themselves in danger is not a good idea…especially when they were given a very important job where time is also a factor.

In addition, losing Paula is sad. She’s been a fighter and survivor since losing Nicholas and was willing to do anything she could to protect her son Mikey from any possible threats. She will be missed.

The casual approach John is taking to watching Alexandria struggle with the walkers is a bit unsettling. However, with this destruction happening, the plan that Sherry has in place to attack Rick’s group now seems even more likely to happen.

Overall, this was a really good comic. It gets made even better by the extra pages of art and the exceptionally low cover price. It had everything, drama, gore, death, and even some fun lines of dialogue from Negan.

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Issue 164 of The Walking Dead comic book series is titled “A Fallen House” and will be released on February 15, 2017, making it the second release of the month. With so little time between issues, this is bound to be a powerful issue where a lot will be on the line for Rick Grimes and the people of Alexandria.