Don’t count out Clementine showing up on AMC’s The Walking Dead

Clementine - The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Season 2
Clementine - The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Season 2 /

While it seems unlikely, there is still a chance that AMC’s The Walking Dead could have Clementine from the Telltale Games make an appearance.

Thanks to The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, the timeline has been set for how the game fits into the comic book universe. Plus, the television show follows along fairly closely with the comics, so those events could translate to the small screen.

In issue 163 of the comics, a reader wrote in to ask about whether or not the star of that series, Clementine, could make an appearance in the popular AMC zombie survival drama, and got an interesting answer.

Here is the response from the “Letter Hacks” section of the comic as replied by editor Sean Mackiewicz:

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"“Telltale’s latest installment of their TWD game series, ‘The New Frontier,’ occurs during the time jump after TWD #126. So a lot could happen before she ever appeared. And that’s not me being coy. I have no idea … yet. It takes time to write those things.”"

There are some opportunities for The Walking Dead to include Clementine in the AMC show. With some more communities yet to be discovered and characters out there to learn about, it would be a huge nod to the games if there were to be a crossover between the hit Telltale Games series, the comic book series, and the hit AMC show.

What is the most interesting is that Mackiewicz does appear to be keeping tabs on the Telltale series. Perhaps he is just a fan of the games who has taken an interest in the fantastic enjoyment they bring, but there is also a chance there is a timeline in the works to possibly include stars like Clementine, Javier, and the others.

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If this were to happen, it likely wouldn’t be too far away in the comic book series. And there is also a chance the creators could skip Clementine in the comics entirely and include her in the show, as the two do not mirror each other. Either way, this answer should give some hope to fans hoping to see Clementine make the jump to the comics or AMC show.