When does The Walking Dead issue 165: ‘Opportunity’ come out?

The Walking Dead 165 cover - Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment
The Walking Dead 165 cover - Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment /

What day in March does issue 165 of The Walking Dead titled ‘Opportunity’ get released by Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment?

Issues of The Walking Dead comic book series seem to be coming out at a fast and furious rate. After having an extra installment in February due to the 25th anniversary of Image Comics, March will return to the normal publication rate of one per month.

However, it won’t be a full month’s wait until issue 165 is released. ‘Opportunity’ is the title of the installment. After getting ‘A Fallen House’ on February 15th, the March issue will come out on the first.

The issue will continue the story of the residents of Alexandria dealing with the ocean of walkers unleashed by The Whisperers. Of course, the people from The Hilltop are on the scene to help redirect as many of the undead away from the community.

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When looking at the synopsis of the episode, it is apparent that the biggest threat may be one that the survivors are completely unprepared for. Here is the description of issue 165:

"“When Alexandria is at its weakest… They strike.”"

Of course, that threat of striking belongs to the people of The Sanctuary. They have been keeping an eye on Alexandra, and considering they just fought The Whisperers and now are dealing with the walkers, there might not be much fight left in the townsfolk.

The same could be said for the residents of The Hilltop. They just had a similar situation, but their community has been reduced to rubble by fire and walkers. They also may not have the strength to fight.

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Will the survivors take care of the walker problem? How much damage will The Saviors do? And can Rick and Negan trust each other? Hopefully, more will be discovered when issue 165 of The Walking Dead hits comic book stores and digital formats on March 1, 2017.