Review: The Walking Dead comic book issue 165 ‘Opportunity’

Eugene, Andrea, Yumiko, and Magna - The Walking Dead 165, Image Comics and Skybound
Eugene, Andrea, Yumiko, and Magna - The Walking Dead 165, Image Comics and Skybound /

Was issue 165 of The Walking Dead comics any good? Here is a review of the positives and negatives from ‘Opportunity’, which was released on March 1, 2017.

The previous issue of The Walking Dead had the wheels spinning in Alexandria. While much was happening on the surface, as a whole issue 164 was underwhelming and made the walkers feel like more of a nuisance than a threat.

That entire dynamic changed with the March 2017 issue titled ‘Opportunity’. If you have not read issue 165 yet, be sure to do so or check out the recap of events as shared on Undead Walking so you are all caught up.

A lot happened in ‘Opportunity’. The main focus of the issues was showing the group continuing to move the massive group of walkers toward the ocean while cleaning up the undead in Alexandria. However, that was the least of their problems in this issue.

The Saviors finally started their strike on Alexandria. Sherry, John, and the others confronted Dwight, Heath, and Laura. The cold nature of Sherry was back on display, as she showed no emotion whatsoever when it comes to Dwight, giving John permission to do with him what he wants. If they can continue to confront small groups, they have a real shot at overthrowing Alexandria.

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Eugene’s big secret is also out of the bag. Siddiq heard the communication attempt Stephanie from Ohio made on the radio. How this secret will be revealed and what the repercussions are will be interesting to watch going forward.

Leadership roles continue to develop as well. Carl seems to be coming along nicely, and when (or if) he is put into a role of authority, he should be ready to do so with little to no issue. Vincent also looks ready to take on more responsibility, as he delegated and organized people very well in a crisis.

Of course, the biggest takeaway from this issue is Andrea. Right now, all readers know is that she has a wound on her neck. It could be from a scratch, bite, scrape, or anything, but the fact that the clock might be ticking on her life might be a huge development going forward.

Overall, this has been an amazing turn to a situation that was starting to feel a bit stale. With so much getting packed into this issue, it feels overwhelming. However, it is just enough to refresh the storyline while adding a great amount of intensity. An excellent issue with a great payoff at the end!

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Issue 166 of The Walking Dead will be out on April 5, 2017. Titled ‘No Surrender’, much more will need to be explained going forward and it will likely be an emotional, intriguing, and possibly fatal issue.