Comic book recap: The Walking Dead 167 ‘A Certain Doom’

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead 167, Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead 167, Image Comics and Skybound /

Issue 167 of The Walking Dead titled ‘A Certain Doom’ was a powerfully emotional installment of the zombie survival comic book series. Here’s what happened!

The Walking Dead released issue 167 on May 3, 2017. The issue titled ‘A Certain Doom’ is the continuation of the story of Alexandria and the surrounding communities in the zombie apocalypse. It is HIGHLY advised that you be caught up if you read this recap.


The issue kicks off with Rick Grimes and Andrea. Rick is distraught that Andrea has the wound on her neck, and she appears to be sweating badly. Tears run down their faces as she apologizes for the situation. Then, she passes out in his arms and Rick yells for help.

Michonne is the first one on the scene. Rick tells her that Andrea is still breathing, but she has passed out. Then, Michonne explains that situation that got her bit, and that the incident happened hours ago.

Dwight pops his head around the corner and sees the emotional moment. Then, he realizes Sherry is laying on the ground motionless and runs over to her. He picks her up in his arms and asks Rick what happened.

Dwight - The Walking Dead 167, Image Comics and Skybound
Dwight – The Walking Dead 167, Image Comics and Skybound /

Explaining that it was an accident didn’t do much to calm Dwight. While Rick and Michonne brought Andrea to a bed, Dwight was left holding Sherry’s dead body.

In the bedroom. Rick is holding Andrea’s hand now that she is in bed. By now, the sweat is pouring off her forehead, but she regains consciousness. Rick asks how it all happened and she explains that she was careless in trying to save Eugene and that it isn’t his fault, then asking him to leave rather than watch her die.

Carl enters the room, calling Andrea ‘mom’. He says he understands she doesn’t want to see anyone, but wants to be strong for her. Andrea says she has done a good job helping him become the man he is today.

He tears up as Andrea asks if he and Lydia are still together. He confirms that they are. Then, she says that relationships are what you make them and that nobody is ‘meant’ to be together. She explains that Dale made her happy and Lori made Rick happy. But once those two died, they were able to find happiness with eachother.

Struggling in the current situation, Carl says that he is having a hard time being happy right now. Andrea says she’s just another name on the long list of people who have died and that he will live on long after she’s gone.

Outside the room, Michonne is comforting Rick. Rick says he doesn’t know what to do next, but Michonne reminds him that he has a life to live and people to lead. Plus, she felt the same way after losing Ezekiel. She pledges to always be there for him…until she’s not.

Eugene arrives and he is full of guilt. He says it is his fault that Andrea was bitten and has tears rolling down his face. Rick tells him to stop and pull himself together. Eugene apologizes to Rick for what happened, but Rick says he doesn’t blame him.

The others that were with when pushing the walkers into the ocean enter the room and say some kind words. Heath, Negan, Jesus, and others also pay their respects. It is revealed that Dwight has spoken with The Saviors and has them helping with the cleanup of Alexandria.

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead 167, Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead 167, Image Comics and Skybound /

Rick says he couldn’t save her, but Andrea says that wasn’t his job and that she’s just another person who is dying in the zombie apocalypse. She says she can die comfortably surrounded by those she loves rather than in the wild surrounded by walkers, and he did that for her.

Looking out the window, Rick says he needs to do something about The Saviors. Andrea says that Dwight is handling it and that it he should let him do so. Carl has fallen asleep by the bedside, and she tells him to get some sleep.

Pouring his heart out, Rick continues to tell Andrea everything she means to him. She stops him and says that everything he is saying is things she already knows and that is why they were so good together.

He wipes the sweat from her forehead before breaking down. He says he can’t go on. He killed a woman today, her people are outside, the streets are clogged with walkers, the gate is down, and Andrea is dying. It is all too much.

Rick says he is tired, scared, and weak. Andrea quickly sits up in bed to scream at Rick that he will survive and that he can. People still need him and he needs to stay strong, if not for him than for them.

The two exchange sweet statements of love before Andrea becomes lifeless. Pulling his pistol out, he holds it to her head. Frustrated, he throws his gun down and gets into bed with Andrea and holds her tight while saying he can’t pretend to be strong anymore.

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As he says he won’t do it anymore, Andrea comes back to life and attacks Rick. He continues to push her away, but she ends up on top of him. He grabs his gun and holds it to her head before throwing it to the side.

He gets control of her and then grabs his knife, putting the blade through her head and into her brain as tears roll down his face. He sat in the room for a while before coming downstairs and out the front door to find Carl.

Outside, Rick addresses the survivors. He tells them that they need to stay strong and keep doing what they have been doing to survive otherwise everything they have fought so hard for has been for nothing.

Rick gives Carl a big hug and tells him that he has been a ‘shining beacon…in a world of darkness’ and that people are counting on him.

The comic ends with Rick saying to everyone that there is still a lot left to do.

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Issue 168 of The Walking Dead is titled ‘The Road’s End’ and will be released on June 7, 2017. It will continue the story of Alexandria after the walker invasion, infiltration by The Saviors, and the death of Andrea. Don’t miss it!