Robert Kirkman apologizes to The Walking Dead comic fans for issue 167

HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 23: Robert Kirkman attends the live, 90-minute special edition of 'Talking Dead' at Hollywood Forever on October 23, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)
HOLLYWOOD, CA - OCTOBER 23: Robert Kirkman attends the live, 90-minute special edition of 'Talking Dead' at Hollywood Forever on October 23, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic) /

The events of issue 167 in The Walking Dead comic book series prompted Robert Kirkman to issue an apology to readers for an emotionally draining experience.

For many fans, issue 167 of The Walking Dead was a huge punch in the gut. The emotionally powerful issue resulted in many tears and great sadness from readers all around the comic book community.

If you haven’t read the issue, please stop reading this article and check out the May issue titled ‘A Certain Doom’ or read the recap of what happened before continuing.


Of course, the event that has everyone talking from ‘A Certain Doom’ is the death of Rick Grimes’ girlfriend and lover, Andrea. The longtime character had an emotional farewell that will leave a long-lasting impact on Rick.

However, the impact is already being felt by the comic book community. Comic creator Robert Kirkman knew this kind of reaction was coming, so he offered a letter of apology to readers at the end of the comic instead of the usual ‘Letter Hacks’ section.

Here is how the letter from Robert Kirkman started:

"“I’m sorry. I’m sorry to my fans and to myself and to Andrea. I feel like I killed a close friend. The deaths in this series are never taken lightly, they’re never done with a sense of glee. They weigh on me the same way they weigh on you. These characters are very real to me, and their deaths are upsetting even to me.I plotted this issue out during a plane ride a few months ago. I plot my stories down with a pencil and paper, and there I was in my seat, blocking out scenes and writing dialog notes, surrounded by strangers who probably thought I was jotting down a shopping list. As I was writing some of the moments from this issue, I started crying. I found myself glancing around, wiping my eyes, hoping no one would notice. I’ve been living with this death for months now…and I don’t like it.”"

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The fact is that a very small portion of comic readers were prepared to say farewell to Andrea. Unlike her television counterpart, her character was seemingly loved by everyone for being tough, supportive, and even funny at times.

Kirkman even addressed the opportunities he had to change the story to keep her alive, but felt that her death at this point in the comics was necessary to set the tone going forward in the series.

"“I had plenty of time to change my mind. I had plenty of time to just not do it. I am in control of this story after all. But honestly, sometimes it feels like I’m not. This was one of those times. I don’t like this. I don’t want this. I want Andrea to live. I want to write more stories with her. I want to see her and Rick grow old together, watching Carl grow up and have kids of his own. I want that kind of happiness for these characters.And yet, here we are.Andrea is dead and the story moves on. I don’t know why this had to happen…but I know it did. I know this is another important turning point in the life of this series. I know Andrea’s death will mean something, that will resonate in the stories moving forward for years to come. But I still don’t like it. It still upsets me.I loved Andrea and I will truly miss her.”"

Many fans will miss Andrea in a huge way and her impact on the story as a whole will never be forgotten. As the series moves forward, it is hard to imaging the zombie apocalypse without her, but now that sad situation has become a reality.

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More fallout from the death of Andrea is likely on the way in upcoming issues. In the meantime, readers of The Walking Dead can mourn the loss of one of the most important characters along with the creator of the series.