The Walking Dead comic issue 171 cover features a strange new character

'The Princess' - The Walking Dead 171 cover, Image Comics and Skybound
'The Princess' - The Walking Dead 171 cover, Image Comics and Skybound /

The upcoming cover for issue 171 of The Walking Dead showcases an interesting new character unlike anything seen before in the comic book series.

Fans of The Walking Dead could be in for something completely new experience as the group is likely headed into unfamiliar territory in upcoming issues of the popular zombie survival comic book series.

A group of survivors to the north of their location has been revealed through communications with Eugene through a radio. Other upcoming covers show the group going on a road trip with an undisclosed location, which means this destination may be explored soon.

Recently, artist Charlie Adlard revealed the cover for issue 171, which will be released in September. The artwork definitely should make fans curious about the future of the series. Here is a tweet from Adlard showing the cover:

This cover should spark significant interest in the September issue of The Walking Dead comic book series based on speculation of a possible major character debut.

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Of course, the title of the issue is interesting as well. ‘Fear The Princess’ is both cute in some ways and terrifying in others. Of course, the ‘Something To Fear’ storyline from earlier issues of the series should bring back some horrible memories for readers.

While it is unknown as to whether this character will be a friend or a foe, odds are that since the word ‘fear’ is used in the title and she has a Billy Idol type sneer on her face while pointing a gun, odds are that she won’t be inviting survivors in for biscuits and tea.

It also puts into question whether or not the woman speaking with Eugene on the radio was genuine about her intentions or if she was trying to lead the survivors to their location in order to overpower them to take their supplies.

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This should be a great start to an interesting storyline in The Walking Dead comic book series as issue 171 will hit comic book shops and digital release in September of 2017. Preorder your copy today!