When does The Walking Dead comic issue 173 ‘Final Fight’ come out?

Jesus - The Walking Dead issue 173 cover, Image Comics and Skybound
Jesus - The Walking Dead issue 173 cover, Image Comics and Skybound /

With how October’s issue of The Walking Dead ended, comic fans should be biting their nails in anticipation for issue 173 titled ‘Final Fight’ in November.

Let’s be honest…things aren’t looking very good at all for Jesus in The Walking Dead comic book series. Ending issue 172 with Beta standing over him is not a good sign that he or Aaron will survive for much longer.

However, comic book readers will need to wait until the November 2017 issue of the series to find out what will happen to the fan-favorite character who found love and is looking to settle down at The Hilltop.

For those fans, at least they know when issue 173 of the series titled ‘Final Fight’ will be released. For those impatiently waiting, that date is NOVEMBER 1, 2017.

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That’s right, the first day of November is when comic readers find out the fate of Jesus and Aaron as well as check in on the survivors in Pennsylvania, Alexandria, The Hilltop, and more!

The synopsis for the upcoming issue is not much help when trying to find out what will happen next. Instead, it reminds fans of the big cliffhanger that was left at the end of the October 2017 installment of the story.

Here is the issue description according to the Image Comics website:

“Jesus is confronted on the road…”

By now, fans already know that Beta is towering over Jesus while Aaron is sleeping and the two characters are in a massive amount of danger. And with things not looking good, readers should be prepared to say farewell to one, if not both, of these longtime characters.

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Don’t miss issue 173 of The Walking Dead comic book series titled ‘Final Fight’ when it is released on November 1, 2017. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you think Jesus and/or Aaron will survive this meeting with Beta.