The Walking Dead actress Sydney Park discusses Cyndie at Walker Stalker Con

Tameche Brown receives a friendship bracelet from actor Sydney Park at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2017Photo credit: Tracey Phillipps
Tameche Brown receives a friendship bracelet from actor Sydney Park at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2017Photo credit: Tracey Phillipps /

Sydney Park was at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta to meet with fans and Undead Walking caught up with her to ask a few questions about her portrayal of Oceanside’s Cyndie on The Walking Dead.

Sydney Park was so friendly and enthusiastic greeting fans and taking photos at the 5th anniversary of Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. She also handed out friendship bracelets as a nod to Syndey’s character Cyndie who gave Tara a bracelet on The Walking Dead. Tameche and I were happy recipients of the bracelets and jumped at the chance to ask Sydney a few questions.

Birthday weekend

We learned that Sydney was celebrating her birthday the weekend of Walker Stalker Con. In fact, she shared that some of her favorite moments and interactions at the convention were with fans also celebrating their birthdays.

What better way to celebrate a Halloween birthday than at the Walker Stalker Con costume party! Sydney told us all about her costume from the evening before. She dressed as Uma Thurman’s character, The Bride, from Kill Bill Vol. 1, complete with yellow Bruce Lee inspired track suit and (fake) blood splatter. The only thing missing was her amazing sword left behind in Los Angeles. Sadly, it would not fit in her suitcase.

Can we be friends?

The last time Sydney’s character Cyndie encountered Alexandrians, she was betrayed by Tara as the group came to Oceanside to acquire (steal!) their guns. We asked Sydney if she thought her character really believed Tara when she said she would not speak of the Oceanside group. Sydney shared that she thinks Cyndie really did believe Tara. She reminded us that Cyndie saved Tara multiple times during her visit to Oceanside, which she thought would make Tara even more invested in keeping her word.

While that did not work out as Cyndie had planned, we still had fun pondering the idea of Cyndie making peace with Tara and the Alexandrians and finding a home with them. We asked Sydney who her character might befriend in Alexandria (besides Tara) should she ever make her home there.

Sydney said she could see Cyndie being friends with Father Gabriel and Aaron. She quickly added Rick’s name to the list, suggesting that Sydney herself is a big fan of Rick Grimes! Sydney also felt that Cyndie and Sasha would have hit it off had Sasha not sacrificed herself for her friends.

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More scoop

We also talked about Cyndie’s moral code and what Sydney thinks about the time she has spent in Atlanta. You can listen to the full interview here:

Sydney Park is warm, funny, and generous. She was so welcoming to fans who stopped by to see her at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. I can only hope that we might see her character again on The Walking Dead.

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Meanwhile, you can find Sydney starring as Norah Hazelton in the YouTube Red Original Series Lifeline.

And I would most certainly welcome any opportunity to visit with Sydney in person again!