The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead fan favorite interviews of 2017

The Walking Dead; AMC; Elizabeth Ludlow as Arat
The Walking Dead; AMC; Elizabeth Ludlow as Arat /

 Here are a few of the fan favorite interviews with The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead  actors from this year.

The Walking Dead actors are very generous with their time and love to interact with fans. Here at Undead Walking we were fortunate enough to be able to talk with many actors on the show this year. We appreciate all the actors who take the time to talk with us.

Getting insights into the motivations and mindsets of some of the newer characters gives fans a lot more understanding of The Walking Dead world. And of course finding out all about the talented actors on the show is something that gives fans even more of an emotional connection to the show.

As 2017 comes to a close and All Out War races toward a final showdown on The Walking Dead it’s the perfect time to look back at the stories and insights that the actors have given us over the last year.

There are also some interviews from the cast of Fear The Walking Dead talking about what was by far the most riveting season of the show yet. Here’s a quick look at some of the fans favorite Undead Walking interviews from 2017:

Nadine Marissa

Nadine plays Kingdom resident Nabila. Nabila played a big part in getting The Kingdom residents to safety after King Ezekiel gave them an opportunity to get away in The Walking Dead mid-season finale. Nadine gave us some great insights about this fantastic character that we are hoping to see more of The Walking Dead season 8B. Read her interview here.

Jayson Warner Smith

Jayson Warner Smith has made Savior Gavin a very sympathetic character. We learned a lot about Gavin and perspective on All Out War talking to him. Read his interview here.

Peter Zimmerman

Fans were quick to embrace Eduardo from The Hilltop and it’s easy to see why. Peter Zimmerman had a lot to say about Maggie’s leadership and life at The Hilltop. Read his interview here.

Elizabeth Ludlow

Even though Arat killed fan favorite Olivia from Alexandria and scarred Rosita fans love Elizabeth Ludlow’s pragmatic fighter Arat. As one of the high ranking female Saviors she gave us some interesting perspective on Negan’s elite fighting force. Read her interview here.

Sabrina Gennarino

Fans have a love/hate relationship with The Heapsters, but they unequivocally love the actress who plays Jadis’ right hand woman Tamiel. As a fan of the show as well as an actor on the show Sabrina gave us a lot to think about and talk about when it comes to parsing The Walking Dead and The Scavengers’ mindset. Read her interview here.

Sydney Park

We still don’t know that much about the women of Oceanside. But now that Natania is dead, killed by Enid, it looks like Syndey Park’s character Cyndie will be playing an even bigger role in the leadership of Oceanside. Read her interview here to find out more about Cyndie.

Fear The Walking Dead Interviews

Fear The Walking Dead season 3 was by far the best season of the show yet. Undead Walking writers were able to talk to several of the core cast members of season 3 about the exciting and surprising events that occurred in season 3.

Colman Domingo

Nothing keeps Victor Strand down, and when the situation he calls for it he will blow the world up and walk away if there’s an advantage in it for him. It was great to see Strand reunited with Madison last season, even if his reunion with Daniel Salazar didn’t go so well for him. See Colman’s interview here.

Danay Garcia

Luciana disappeared early on when she left the ranch for her own safety and so that Nick wouldn’t have to choose between her and his family. But odds are good Luciana will be back at some point in season 4. Danay Garcia gave us some great insights about this popular character. Read the interview here.

Sam Underwood

Sam Underwood, who played the more sensitive and stable of the Otto brothers Jake Otto, gave some great background on the family dynamics of the Ottos and life at Brokejaw Ranch. Read his interview here.

Daniel Sharman

Troy Otto was one of the highlights of Fear The Walking Dead season 3. Troy was mesmerizing and his complicated relationships with his brother, Madison, and with Nick were part of what made season 3 such an epic season of the show. Read Daniel Sharman’s interview here to find out more about the actor who brought Troy to life so vividly.

All of us at Undead Walking greatly appreciate the actors who give us their time to share their perspective on The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead as well as provide some great background on their characters. We’re looking forward to bringing our readers more fantastic interviews like these in the year ahead.