Comic book recap: The Walking Dead issue 175 ‘New World Order Part 1’

Eugene - The Walking Dead issue 175, Image Comics and Skybound
Eugene - The Walking Dead issue 175, Image Comics and Skybound /

What happened in the January 2018 issue of The Walking Dead comic book series? Here is the full recap of issue 175 titled ‘New World Order Part 1 of 6’!

Issue 175 of The Walking Dead hit shelves on January 3, 2018 and it is another game-changer. Titled ‘New World Order Part 1 of 6’, fans were treated to the start of a new story arc that will have a major impact on the survivors.

Here is a full recap of the issue, but you must be warned: DO NOT CONTINUE READING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN ISSUE 175 OF THE WALKING DEAD! With that said, let’s start the recap!

The issue picks up right where things left off for the group in Ohio. Michonne, Magna, Yumiko, Eugene, Siddiq, and Princess are all surprised and scared by a revelation that they are not alone at the meeting place.

Princess makes a joke about the armor of the soldiers, but the new survivors only state that they should not move or gunfire will begin. The survivors from Alexandria do not move, but Princess again jokes about the armor…especially the area covering their private area.

A soldier named Samuels is in disbelief about Princess’ sense of humor but is told to quiet down. Eugene says that they were meant to meet them there and gave them the advantage to help build trust. He also asks where Stephanie is.

The soldiers say that Stephanie was not authorized to act on behalf of The Commonwealth and that they will instead be speaking with someone else.

Heading inside a lighted train car, the representative from The Commonwealth sat down behind a table. Removing a glove, the individual picks up a pen and introduces himself as Lance Hornsby, a person tasked with handling all new entries to their community.

Eugene is not pleased. He demands again to speak with Stephanie.

The Walking Dead issue 175 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 175 – Image Comics and Skybound /

After ordering the soldiers to raise their weapons, Hornsby explains that their presence alone puts their group in danger. Once again, he says they will follow through with the examination and any attempts to leave will be futile.

After a moment of silence. Hornsby continues. He says that he may be threatening them, but the last thing he really wants to do is have the soldiers kill them. Eugene says that they have dealt with small men and threats before and their group will not be intimidated by them.

Eugene adds that if they wanted to kill them, they would have done it already. Hornsby is pleased with this response, adding that they are finally on the same page.

Michonne prompts him to ask the questions so The Commonwealth can lower their weapons. Hornsby says he likes her already. He asks their names, how far they traveled, their firepower, way of life, and if they have friends in the area.

Hornsby is surprised to find out that they don’t have any major issues with their way of life. He and Michonne discuss covering themselves in walker blood as camouflage, but then a speaks up, saying that they found the group’s horses.

Since the number of horses didn’t match the number of people, Hornsby asks if one person walked. Princess says they just picked her up, but they are getting to know each other. Hornsby says he will need to talk with her a little more.

Using her real name, Hornsby is corrected to call her Princess. He says that he feels comfortable with everyone else but wants to take some more time to get to know her story before she takes ‘the trip’.

Once again. Eugene speaks up. He says he’s not going anywhere until they meet Stephanie and if that’s not going to happen then they may as well shoot them all. Hornsby is frustrated once again by this attitude and reveals that they are going where Stephanie is.

Hornsby says they are leaving. The survivors can either join them on the trip or get shot by the soldiers. Their choice. The group decides to join The Commonwealth on the trip and rides their horses along the caravan of soldiers on foot and a horse-drawn wagon.

During the trip, Hornsby falls asleep in the wagon. A soldier from The Commonwealth tells Michonne not to worry and that Lance is just a jerk. He says he’s been there a couple of years and it’s great, but people like him are essential for the community to work.

Eugene and Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 175, Image Comics and Skybound
Eugene and Michonne – The Walking Dead issue 175, Image Comics and Skybound /

The soldier adds that they aren’t marching the survivors toward their deaths. He says their armor is intimidating, but they are there to protect everyone, including the group from Alexandria.

The caravan comes to a complete stop when a group of walkers is spotted on the road. He says to use blades over guns to let Hornsby sleep. The group takes out some of the walkers, but realize there are more than they thought.

The soldiers are yelling as they fight. They say this could be the ‘Magenta’ swarm, but if it is that means their spotter was wrong with their location. They open fire with headshots only, which wakes Hornsby.

Eugene asks if they should do something, but Michonne says that they should be READY to do something but feels they have the situation under control. Hornsby turns around and says he is impressed that their group isn’t panicking and states he will make a note of that.

With some soldiers left to fight the walkers, Hornsby, the group from Alexandria, and the remaining armored troops continue toward their destination.

The Walking Dead issue 175 Wall of the Lost - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 175 Wall of the Lost – Image Comics and Skybound /

After a bit of a ride, they come upon a stadium. Michonne asks if their community is inside, but Hornsby says it’s for concerts and football games. This excites Princess, who is pleased to hear that there are a few popular musicians in The Commonwealth.

Siddiq asks about the sports and discovers that there are many different types available but leagues aren’t big. Magna asks how many people are in their community…and Hornsby replies about fifty thousand, and that answer leaves everyone shocked.

The group rides past a billboard with items tacked on it. Hornsby explains that it is their “Wall of the Lost”. It has people who were separated from the area and is to help people to possibly reunite with their loved ones.

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Hornsby tells them to take a look at it while they wait. Michonne says the faded pictures are the saddest, but he replies that it’s the people who keep updating the wall to newer pictures and can’t let go that are the most depressing, even if it is heartwarming.

He tells the group that every once in a while there is a story about someone who is on the wall that helps to fill in what happened, and that alone is something that people appreciate. However, it is very depressing to Magna, Yumiko, and Princess.

After a moment, Eugene says he has something Michonne needs to see. Pointing at the board, there is a poster saying “Have you seen my mom, Michonne?” with a photo of her attached.

Tears immediately start rolling down Michonne’s face with thoughts of reuniting with Elodie as the issue comes to a close.

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What were the biggest surprises from issue 175 of The Walking Dead? And do you trust the people of The Commonwealth? Let’s hear what you thought in the comments section below!