Comic review: The Walking Dead issue 175 ‘New World Order Part 1’

The Walking Dead issue 175 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 175 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What were the good and bad things about issue 175 of The Walking Dead comics titled ‘New World Order Part 1 of 6’ and what does it mean going forward?

There may have ever been as much information and new developments thrown at readers of The Walking Dead comics at once as what happened in the January 2018 issue titled ‘New World Order Part 1 of 6’. 

Discovering The Commonwealth, finding out about Michonne’s daughter, and the details about what happens in the new community are mind-blowing and will take MANY issues of the comics to learn more about in upcoming months.

But enough about the future. Let’s take a look at the present. Here are the good and bad things from the most recent issue of The Walking Dead!

The Best Thing

  • Hope for the future. Everything that happened in this issue was so massive, but the best thing that came from this issue is the possibility of Michonne reuniting with her daughter Elodie. The final pages with the Wall of the Lost were excellent!

The Good Stuff

  • A well-needed sense of humor: I was worried that Princess would become the Poochie or the Jar Jar Binks of The Walking Dead, but she doesn’t have that feel at all. In fact, the character’s straightforward nature has put some fresh air into a comic that has been emotionally taxing before her arrival.
  • New community! The Commonwealth sounds fantastic. Shops, concerts, sports and more! It sounds like life could get as close to normal as possible again for the survivors.
  • Humanity among the soldiers. While Lance Hornsby was all business, there were some people who were more human. Several of the armored soldiers protected the group, and one even talked to Michonne about Lance and that they aren’t marching into death.

This group seems very organized. They have a government in place, an army to protect people. scouts to keep an eye on everything, football, concerts, coffee shops, and more! It sounds too good to be true.

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The Worst Thing

  • Hornsby might be one of the most hated characters ever. One issue into this storyline and I already want this guy dead. I am not seeing a lot of redeeming qualities for him since his smug attitude and self-serving nature doesn’t seem to have any social benefits. He is thorough at his job, which is a benefit though.

The Bad Stuff

  • FIFTY THOUSAND PEOPLE! The series is known for introducing survivors and then killing them off. however, I’m not sure I want to sit through that number of people dying or even want to get to know even a small fraction of those characters. It’s WAY too overwhelming!
  • Eugene’s stubborn mindset. We get that you want to see Stephanie. Heck, we want to see Stephanie too! But it’s not worth dying over, man. Just play the game until you’re in a position to make a demand.

As a whole, this was an amazing issue. Just after they get done throwing all this information at you and set you up for next month to arrive at The Commonwealth, readers get hit with this revelation about Michonne’s family that leaves you stunned. Excellent issue, and a great way to kick off 2018 as well as the 15th Anniversary!

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What did you think of The Walking Dead issue 175? And what were your favorite parts of ‘New World Order Part 1 of 6’? Give us your thoughts on the January 2018 issue in the comments section below!