The Walking Dead comic prices increased in 2018 to $3.99 per issue

Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead issue 175 Sienkiewicz variant cover - Image comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead issue 175 Sienkiewicz variant cover - Image comics and Skybound /

Readers of The Walking Dead comic books may have noticed something a little different when they picked up the January 2018 print and digital issues.

When heading to the comic shop or purchasing the digital download for issue 175 of The Walking Dead, readers may have noticed something a little different about the issue when finalizing their purchase.

Starting in January of 2018, issues of the popular Image Comics and Skybound series The Walking Dead saw a price increase on a standard issue go from $2.99 to $3.99, and for those collecting the 15th Anniversary cover as well as the standard print edition, that means spending $8 instead of $6 at the register.

While an extra dollar a month doesn’t seem like a lot of a change, it signals a price increase of approximately 33%. When attached to other products, a significant markup like that can be much more extreme.

However, this adjustment in the price per issue puts The Walking Dead on par with the price of many other comics from bigger publishers, including recent issues of Phoenix, Darth Vader, Hawkeye and numerous others.

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This was a change that likely should have been made a while ago, but Image and Skybound were able to keep the price lower until 2018 despite market trends, rising costs, and content.

In fact, this is the first price change to standard issues of Robert Kirkman’s popular comic series since it made its debut on Image Comics in 2003 at a cost of $2.99 per issue, maintaining that price for 15 years.

Several readers may not be happy about the price increase, it should be understood that the comic book series is still a good value at that price and the quality of the product itself hasn’t diminished over the years.

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While each issue of The Walking Dead may be a little more expensive, it is still an amazing comic book series. The fact it was able to keep prices from rising in 15 years is amazing, and the one dollar increase shouldn’t be too much for readers to be concerned about.