The Commonwealth is too good to be true in The Walking Dead comics

Lance Hornsby - The Walking Dead comics, Skybound and Image Comics
Lance Hornsby - The Walking Dead comics, Skybound and Image Comics /

The Walking Dead introduced The Commonwealth in issue 175 in the New World Order arc and much of what is being shared sounds way too good to be true.

Every once in a while, The Walking Dead will do something in the comics that changes everything. Whether it’s the introduction of a major villain, a big character death, or the start of a new epic storyline, these are the issues that alter the direction of the story.

Issue 175 is one of those issues that will be remembered as being a major turning point in the story as the New World Order storyline started and a new group of survivors called The Commonwealth was introduced.

Eugene thought he was going to meet up with a girl named Stephanie who he was talking with on the radio after a long trek to Ohio, but instead got met by numerous armored soldiers and a man in a suit named Lance Hornsby who wanted to take their information.

Once he learned about the survivors, he escorted them to an area with a big arena where sporting events and concerts are held as well as a board where survivors can post pictures of those who are missing and hope to be reunited with.

Plus, along the way, Hornsby revealed that their community has approximately 50,000 people. That alone should be enough to drop the jaws of readers and wonder just what this would mean for the group.

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But how much of this is real and how much might be deception by the new group? There are some reasons to be optimistic that The Commonwealth is legit. They didn’t kill the group on sight. They have been open about everything. And one of the postings on the wall is from Michonne’s daughter Elodie, meaning those are real posts.

Despite all that, it seems like way too much to take in. Lance Hornsby isn’t exactly the most likable guy in the comics and his mannerisms alone are enough to make you question his actions and words.

Sprinkle in the absurdity that concerts or sports exist after everything we’ve seen from the survivors, and it is difficult to believe that a situation like that even exists…or there would be somewhere with coffee shops and somewhat normal living situations.

It all seems too good to be true. Whenever situations like that come up in the comics and it seems like everything is going to be great, something awful happens. The only question is whether or not this will be an exception to that rule.

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What do you think? Is The Commonwealth as good as it seems or are the survivors walking into some kind of death trap? Let us know what you think about this new group in The Walking Dead comics in the comments section below!