Rick Grimes may be getting a ‘new bro’ in The Walking Dead comics

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead comics, Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead comics, Image Comics and Skybound /

The Letter Hacks section in issue #175 of The Walking Dead had a lot of interesting submissions but there was one in particular that Rick fans should enjoy.

Fans of The Walking Dead comics know that once the wonderful story and artwork from each issue are done for the month that flipping to the Letter Hacks section can be very entertaining and educational.

For the January 2018 issue, there were many great submissions about pushing agendas, confirming deaths, and demands to know which basketball player was hiding underneath Beta’s walker skin mask this whole time.

However, one particular letter in issue #175 should catch the eye of readers. Gemma Fischer of the United Kingdom asked about Rick Grimes needing some support following the death of Andrea stating that he needs a ‘bro’ now more than ever.

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Sean Mackiewicz of Skybound responded with a very interesting bit saying the following:

"“You’re on to something. Maybe Rick’s new bro has already been established recently.”"

When the word “bro” comes up for Rick, it’s easy to think of the character Jeffrey from The Alien. It is discovered that Jeffrey is the actual flesh and blood brother of Rick, opening the door for an interesting situation.

Since Robert Kirkman has confirmed that The Alien is canon to the plotline, it would be interesting to see how an interaction between Rick and his estranged brother would go…or how he would make it from the U.K. to the United States with such an intense outbreak going on.

Or, perhaps Mr. Mackiewicz isn’t talking about a bro in the literal sense and instead is meaning someone to get close to and become great friends with. If that’s the case, the wording of his answer is very curious.

The ‘bro’ would have to be someone like Samuels, Frost, or Lance Hornsby from The Commonwealth. Or perhaps it might be Princess who finally gets Rick to let his hair down, which would be a very interesting development.

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Who do you think the new ‘bro’ will be for Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead comic book series? And will this new relationship help him to finally work through his issues after losing Andrea and others in The Whisperer War? Sound off in the comments below!