Comic book recap: The Walking Dead issue 176 ‘New World Order Part 2’

Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 176 - Image Comics and Skybound
Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 176 - Image Comics and Skybound /

Here is everything that happened in issue 176 of The Walking Dead titled ‘New World Order Part 2 of 6’ which was released on February 7, 2018.

The Walking Dead blew the minds of fans with the first issue in the storyline of the New World Order by introducing The Commonwealth and leaving readers with a massive cliffhanger to think about heading into February.

Now that issue 176 has been released, the next part of the story can be told and once again the plot is moving ahead at a break-neck pace. Here is the full recap of what happens in ‘New World Order Part 2 of 6’!


The issue opens with a view of the board showing Michonne’s daughter. Michonne is crying at the thought of seeing her daughter again when Lance asks what the matter is. Michonne demands to be taken to the bakery noted on the flyer but is denied.

Michonne gets angry and grabs Lance by the jacket and tells him that she wasn’t asking. One of the armed soldiers raises his weapon and demands Lance be released. Magna yells for her to stop and eventually Michonne drops to the ground after letting go of Lance with her face full of tears while yelling Elodie’s name.

The group gathers around Michonne to support her while she cries about the thought of being reunited with her daughter. Lance says some of the postings have been up for years and that her daughter may actually not be alive. Magna says he’s not funny but Lance says the people who would know Elodie’s status are at the location where they are heading.

The group arrives at the town and goes past the stadium into the streets of the community. A dark-haired woman in a sweater is screaming Eugene’s name from the crowd. Eugene realizes that this is likely Stephanie and calls out her name but Lance yells for her to fall back into the crowd.

Stephanie - The Walking Dead issue 176 - Image Comics and Skybound
Stephanie – The Walking Dead issue 176 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Stephanie says that she is sorry she couldn’t be at the meetup. She explains that the system there may be flawed but she would like to talk to Eugene after the orientation process is over.

Lance jumps off the wagon and restrains Stephanie, reminding her again to step away from the group. Stephanie says she wants them to trust The Commonwealth and she promised she would meet them.

Stephanie is told that she is not qualified to make those decisions and warned her again. He says that her unauthorized radio usage was forgiven but perhaps a stiffer penalty should be in play. This prompts Stephanie to apologize and is told to return to work before she is reassigned.

They arrive at a location and Michonne asks if they are close to the bakery. Lance says they are nowhere near it and she is delaying the trip there by asking questions and they will be free to roam if all goes well here.

A bald man in a suit introduces himself as Maxwell Hawkins. He says that learning of more outside communities continues to give him hope that there are a lot more survivors out there in the world. He asks who contacted them from the group, to which Eugene replies that it was him.

He asks Eugene what he did before the outbreak, and Eugene replies that he was a high school science teacher. Maxwell says that won’t do and asks Princess what she did and got a long-winded answer that didn’t please him either.

Maxwell and Michonne - The Walking Dead 176 - Image Comics and Skybound
Maxwell and Michonne – The Walking Dead 176 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Next, Maxwell asks Michonne what she did and she answered that she was a lawyer. She is asked if she was a public defender, but she responds that it was a private practice. He says that works and leads them into another room.

Maxwell introduces Michonne to a woman behind a desk, telling her about her previous occupation. She is invited to sit down and the woman explains who The Commonwealth is and how their 50,000 strong community has brought order to the apocalypse and tells her that she is welcome for being introduced.

Michonne asks if she is supposed to thank her and the woman says that it would be the polite thing to do. After some silence, she asks Michonne to tell her all about the community she comes including how many people there are, the location, and why they should be allowed in The Commonwealth.

Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 176 - Image Comics and Skybound
Michonne – The Walking Dead issue 176 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Confused, Michonne reminds the woman that they have never asked to join the community and that they are feeling out The Commonwealth the same way.

The rest of the group from Alexandria are waiting outside as the conversation goes on. They are told that depending on the results of this meeting they will either join the community or be asked to leave. Meanwhile, the soldiers are walking by talking about how much they are looking forward to naps and showers.

Lance says The Commonwealth waited three days for their group and that they hope it was all worth it.

Back in the office, the woman stands up and says they have established security, safety, and order. She reminds Michonne that leaders lead and they have picked up the pieces of the puzzle to build a community.

Michonne says she doesn’t really understand, but the woman explains that people need things to do and ways to keep occupied. The way that the pieces are put together has built a well-established community and she knows Michonne could be a part of civilization as long as their engines work to move in the same direction.

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After more conversation, Michonne stops the woman and says she has heard enough. The woman asks what is troubling Michonne and finally learns about the posting from Elodie and how she can’t stop thinking about a reunion with her daughter.

The woman says she is a mother herself and can’t imagine the emotions she is feeling. She offers to take Michonne to find Elodie as soon as possible and says she is surprised she took that long to lose her calm.

Leading Michonne out of the office, the woman is thanked by Michonne. After a walk, they arrive at the bakery where we learn that the woman’s name is Governor Milton. Just as Milton is about to ask about Elodie, she enters the room from the back holding a cake.

Michonne’s jaw drops to the ground as she sees her daughter for the first time since the apocalypse broke out. Elodie drops the cake to the ground and the two run to each other for a long embrace as the issue comes to a close.

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