Comic review: The Walking Dead issue 176 ‘New World Order Part 2’

Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 176 - Image Comics and Skybound
Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 176 - Image Comics and Skybound /

Was issue 176 of The Walking Dead any good? Here are the good, bad, and interesting things from ‘New World Order Part 2 of 6’ released in February of 2018.

The Walking Dead comic book series kept the New World Order storyline going with the second issue in the arc which released on February 7, 2018 and it continued an amazing story at a breakneck pace.

Once again, the undead drama series delivered an intense story full of emotion and intrigue as more details were unfolding inside The Commonwealth and many characters continued to be developed.

Let’s take a look at the good and bad things from issue 176 of The Walking Dead starting with the great things!

The Good Stuff

  • The reunion with Elodie. It’s amazing that there was no long wait to see this reunion and meet Elodie for the first time. The cake dropping panel was a fantastic way capture the new character’s surprise.
  • Finally meeting Stephanie. Not only were we introduced to Elodie in this issue but we also got to meet Stephanie, who seems like an honorable and emotional character.
  • Humanizing The Commonwealth. The scariest thing about meeting the woman on the cover was that she would be all business. However, when motherhood was brought up, all the toughness and bravado went right out the window.
  • Seeing some of The Commonwealth. So they don’t seem as scary as a group of 50,000 may seem. Maybe this group isn’t as bad as nearly all of the previous groups have seemed or been in the past.

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The Bad Things

  • Super fast pace. We are only two issues into the New World Order storyline and we’ve already met many of the important people and others we had no way of anticipating. Can the series keep this pace up for the entire arc?
  • Characters taking a back seat. Yumiko and Siddiq were just along for the ride this issue and weren’t featured in any kind of way that made them feel important. Hopefully, the upcoming issues have something in store for them.
  • Lance is still a jerk. At least he’s consistent. He didn’t have any real personal skills last month and that didn’t seem to be an anomaly of any sort. He needs a sense of humor and a chill pill.

As a whole, this is another issue that makes the New World Order storyline feel extremely important and moves the story along quickly. It is highly recommended that this issue is picked up and read with both the standard and variant covers!

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What did you think of issue 176 of The Walking Dead? Did ‘New World Order Part 2 of 6’ impress you or did it fall short of your expectations? Let’s hear your opinions in the comments section below.