Pamela Milton is the most important character in The Walking Dead comics

Pamela Milton - The Walking Dead issue 176 - Image Comics and Skybound
Pamela Milton - The Walking Dead issue 176 - Image Comics and Skybound /

Although she was just introduced to The Walking Dead comics, Pamela Milton holds the key to determining everyone’s future including our favorite survivors.

Issue #176 did a lot of great things for The Walking Dead comic book series. It finally allowed us to put a face to the person talking to Eugene on the radio and offered a big reunion with Michonne and her daughter Elodie.

While those two things were groundbreaking in the scope of the comic book series, the introduction of a character named Pamela Milton may be the most significant development from ‘New World Order Part 2 of 6’.

Known as the Governor of The Commonwealth, Milton appears to have a significant amount of control over the community despite a systematic government being in control at the new community in Ohio.

Pamela Milton - The Walking Dead issue 176 - Image Comics and Skybound
Pamela Milton – The Walking Dead issue 176 – Image Comics and Skybound /

After all the precautions made by the armored soldiers as well as intense questioning from Lance Hornsby, all it took was one relatable situation to change the entire scope of a conversation and interview: motherhood.

This lighter more human version of a leader is a breath of fresh air, but is this who she always is? And is she more commonly like who she started the interview with Michonne? And should this inconsistency be concerning to readers?

The groundwork of the situation is that a consistent leader is the best kind of leader. Even if they aren’t known for being the best, their ability to be relied on in situations is what makes them worthy of leadership.

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Being in control of over 50,000 people including a government enforced by armed soldiers is a powerful position to be in. If it is determined that these new survivors aren’t to her liking, she could easily have them ousted. Considering the situation involving Stephanie being kept away from Eugene by Lance at the welcoming, this could be an issue faced rather soon.

Not to mention that other survivors are questionable in how they handle themselves too. Dwight, Lydia, and others all come from a highly suspicious background and are fueled by anger in many instances that may make them a persona non grata in The Commonwealth.

With so much hinging on the impressions made upon one person, convincing Milton that these survivors are good and welcome additions to their community could be essential, even if they don’t want to join up with the group in Ohio at all.

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Hopefully, every single survivor can impress Pamela and the people of The Commonwealth enough to establish some trust and build a healthy relationship. However, something tells me that her blunt interview style may prove to be too much for some to handle, especially those like Rick, Maggie, and Negan who have tasted power for such a long time.

Hopefully, we will find out more as the New World Order storyline continues in The Walking Dead comics.