Stephanie is the new wild card in The Walking Dead comics

Stephanie - The Walking Dead issue 176 - Skybound and Image Comics
Stephanie - The Walking Dead issue 176 - Skybound and Image Comics /

The Commonwealth is full of new faces, but Stephanie could be an honest link to honesty and truth in The Walking Dead comic book series.

The New World Order storyline from The Walking Dead comics has been dropping bombs in the first two issues of the story arc, leaving readers wondering about the future of their favorite characters.

While we are meeting a lot of new faces at The Commonwealth, there is one voice that is familiar to fans of the comics. Since Stephanie is far from a stranger to Eugene after their long talks on the radio, it was great to finally meet her in issue 176.

She may look like Velma from Scooby-Doo and not have any authority whatsoever when it comes to deciding what to do with the new arrivals from Alexandria, but there are a few things that Stephanie can do.

First, Stephanie was the bridge between the two communities. For her to build an honest line of communication with Eugene and has already shown that she is willing to push the boundaries created by The Commonwealth to let it be known that she stands by everything she said.

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Next, she seems to live in fear the of the government there. For Lance Hornsby to threaten her with a job reassignment just for wanting to confirm her existence and meet the person she had been talking to is strange in itself since she would have been the best way to gain immediate trust.

Finally, she likes to push boundaries. She seems unhappy with her current situation and appears upset that she would even be pushed into a worse one by the government there. Between her and Elodie to speak for what The Commonwealth is really like, it appears as though the group could get some honest information to return to Rick with.

There is also the possibility that Stephanie may want out of the community and try to work a way to be part of the group that returns to Alexandria. While it is unknown what secrets are hiding at The Commonwealth, something really bad could make Eugene want to get her out of there as soon as possible.

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Not being respected in The Commonwealth, Stephanie is the perfect character to spill the beans on exactly what is happening at The Commonwealth in the comic book series and there’s no way we’ve heard the last from her as the New World Order unfolds.