Comic review of The Walking Dead issue 177: New World Order Part 3

Kayla and Sebastian - The Walking Dead issue 177 - Image Comics and Skybound
Kayla and Sebastian - The Walking Dead issue 177 - Image Comics and Skybound /

Was issue 177 of The Walking Dead any good? Here are the good, bad, and interesting things from ‘New World Order Part 3 of 6’ released March 7, 2018.

The Walking Dead released issue 177 of the popular comic book series titled ‘New World Order Part 3 of 6’ on Wednesday, March 7, 2018 to continue the story of the survivors learning more about The Commonwealth.

However, readers got a couple of interesting peeks into Alexandria and The Hilltop during this installment of the story that gave insight into what the leaders are doing while Michonne and Eugene’s group explored Ohio.

The biggest question that came up during issue 177 of The Walking Dead is what was good and what didn’t work from ‘New World Order Part 3 of 6’. Let’s talk about the positive things first!

**NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended you read the comic or the full recap before continuing**

The Good Stuff

  • Hinting that The Commonwealth isn’t all ‘good’ people. Elodie was not sure how to answer Michonne when she was asked how the people of the new community are. This means there are likely some dark secrets at the new settlement.
  • People trying to help Rick grieve. Mikey was having trouble expressing his feelings and got a lot of help from Annie, who inspired him to write poetry. Would that help Rick? Maybe. But at least people are thinking of him.

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The Bad Things

  • The spoiled kid of the wealthy trope. Seeing Sebastian being such a whiny, annoying brat seems like more of a distraction than a plot line. Sure, it is a good way to establish Mercer and develop the stories with the soldiers, but it’s still not a great plot device.
  • Maggie is not ready to move on. Her embarrassment in having feelings for Dante is understandable but sad. When Eduardo caught them getting naked and having fun, she ran away instead of working with him.

The Interesting Things

  • Elodie’s is definitely Michonne’s kid. She has done things she’s not proud of but knows if she didn’t that she would be dead. Elodie could be a great asset to have to fight next to her mom if that ends up happening.
  • I feel for Mercer. We’ve all had crappy jobs that felt below them. Watching a kid while he tries to bang a girl in the woods seems like a total waste of his abilities and a misallocation of a great resource.
  • Lots of sex! If you like making out and half-naked people, this is the issue for you!

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As a whole, issue 177 of The Walking Dead set the tone for several storylines, including more with Mikey and Annie, Mercer getting tired of his duty, and things not being great in the Commonwealth. Although there wasn’t much action, it was still a solid issue that readers should enjoy having in their collection.