Robert Kirkman gives the number of survivors in The Walking Dead comics

zombie - The Walking Dead issue 177 - Skybound and Image Comics
zombie - The Walking Dead issue 177 - Skybound and Image Comics /

The undead may outnumber the living in the world of The Walking Dead, but the number of survivors revealed in issue 177 of the comics is mind-blowing.

The world of The Walking Dead is a dangerous one. With zombies growing in number every day and the number of humans shrinking, it is difficult to see a situation where people have any chance at survival.

Those odds may not stop hard-nosed survivors such as Rick Grimes, Negan, or other characters from the popular comic book series, but it sure stacks the deck against them as they attempt to get back to ‘normal’ life.

Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, recently shed some light on how many people are still alive at the time of the release of issue 177 of the comics and it was a bit shocking as to how unbalanced the numbers have become.

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In the Letter Hacks section of ‘New World Order part 3 of 6’, a fan by the name of Drew Schroeder from Las Vegas, Nevada said he would estimate the number of survivors remaining to be around 1 million at the release of issue 175, but Kirkman had a different number.

"“It’s about 1.6 million humans total, worldwide. There are VAST dead zones out there. There’s like TEN people living in all of Montana. Canon.”"

While there are still likely to be some survivors who are living an isolated life in a great location with the ability to deal with the walkers, Kirkman’s idea of vast dead zones makes total sense. Humans would need to band together for the best chances of survival and getting as close to a normal life as the zombie apocalypse can provide.

Meanwhile, Sean Mackiewicz offers a less numerical approach to discussing the number of living people.

"“Isn’t not knowing more fun? I seriously have NO idea and I’m fine with it.”"

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How do you feel about knowing there are only approximately 1.6 million people left on Earth in The Walking Dead comics? And how long do you think that number of humans can continue to exist? Let us know in the comments section below.