Fear the Walking Dead season 4 synopsis

Kim Dickens and Jenna Elfman in Fear the Walking Dead (2015) season 4. Photo: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Kim Dickens and Jenna Elfman in Fear the Walking Dead (2015) season 4. Photo: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC /

We’re getting closer to the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead on April 15, and the season 4 synopsis hints at the big changes we know are coming.

There’s a lot to unpack from the Fear the Walking Dead season 4 synopsis. The show is moving in exciting new directions with the arrival of new showrunners, Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, and a plethora of new faces as the Clark family’s world gets a lot bigger. There’s also the arrival of Morgan as he crosses over from The Walking Dead universe.

We left the survivors at the dam in season 3. After the dam blew up, the only survivor we knew of at that point was Madison. Based on the season 4 previews and new images, the Clark family is back together and they’re in a new location. What we’re missing, of course, is the story of what happened and how we got to where they are in season 4.

Here’s the Fear the Walking Dead season 4 synopsis from AMC:

"“In Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead, fans will see the world of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and her family through new eyes — the eyes of Morgan Jones (Lennie James), joining the story from the world of The Walking Dead.In the new season, the characters’ immediate past mixes with an uncertain present of struggle and discovery as they meet new friends, foes and threats. They fight for each other, against each other and against a legion of the dead, all to somehow build an existence amid the crushing pressure of lives coming apart.There will be darkness and light; terror and grace; the heroic, mercenary, and craven, all crashing together towards a new reality for Fear the Walking Dead.”"

Knowing that the season is going to move around the timeline, we’re eager to learn what “immediate past” refers to, as we left the survivors in season 3 at the dam and somehow they have survived long enough to meet up with Morgan. Does that mean we will explore the journey between the dam and where they are, or will just enough of their past be revealed to explain what’s happening?

It’s also worth noting that the characters “fight for each other” and “against each other.” In other words, nothing new. Madison was already creating a rift with her kids toward the end of season 3 as Nick and Alicia questioned her plans and motives, so it will be interesting to see if anything has changed or if Madison is still calling the shots.

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The previews give Fear the Walking Dead a decidedly darker look than in previous seasons. It’s clear that the journey from where we were to where we are in the timeline hasn’t been easy, and this has no doubt impacted the characters and their outlooks. With all of the changes coming, we’re excited to see what season 4 has in store.