Who got in the car with Negan during The Walking Dead episode 814?

Negan - The Walking Dead - AMC
Negan - The Walking Dead - AMC /
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Laura - The Walking Dead, AMC
Laura – The Walking Dead, AMC /

#1. Laura

Fans of The Walking Dead might not remember her name, but they more than likely would remember Laura’s face if they saw it getting into a car with Negan during season 8 episode 15 next week.

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Laura knows that Dwight is a double agent after he drove a convoy directly into a trap made by the people of Alexandria and her information could be a major turning point during All-Out War to take away the secret double-agent.

Negan would definitely want Laura back as well, since she is a solid fighter and a loyal member of his group. People are a resource to him, and he knows that Laura out there on her own means there is a story as to why it is happening.

Laura would also likely look pretty rough after some time on the road with no sleep, food, or shelter and would need some help from Negan in this situation, meaning she makes the most sense to be the mystery individual so she can rat Dwight out.

Odds of it being Laura: 75%

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Who do you think is the mystery individual who Negan opened his car door for during season 8 episode 14 of The Walking Dead titled ‘Still Gotta Mean Something’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.