Comic book recap: The Walking Dead issue 178 New World Order Part 4

Maggie and Sophia - The Walking Dead issue 178 - Skybound and Image Comics
Maggie and Sophia - The Walking Dead issue 178 - Skybound and Image Comics /

Check out the full recap of events from issue 178 of The Walking Dead comics titled ‘New World Order Part 4 of 6’ released on April 4, 2018.

It’s the time of the month again for a new issue of The Walking Dead comics to be released. For April, that means it is issue #178 titled ‘New World Order Part 4 of 6’ that fans can sink their teeth into.

For those curious as to what happens during that issue, the full recap of events is below. However, it is HIGHLY recommended that you be up to date on the comics or at least know WHAT HAPPENED LAST MONTH to be ready to make sense of the story.


Issue 178 opens with Siddiq in the locker room where he overheard the talk from The Commonwealth soldiers about Sebastian. Siddiq says he didn’t hear anything, but George isn’t buying it. Mercer steps toward Siddiq while pushing George back.

Mercer says that he is new here, and Siddiq introduces himself. He reminds Siddiq that he’s a bad liar and states that it was just two guys blowing off some steam, but since he doesn’t know him or George that is may have sounded bad.

Continuing, Mercer says he loves The Commonwealth and its governor, but her son is out in left field and can be hard to handle. He also states that Siddiq and Sebastian likely won’t be hanging out any time soon, since he doesn’t have a ‘silver spoon’.

Siddiq says it’s cool, and both Mercer and George inform him that they KNOW it’s cool. Siddiq goes to leave but gets redirected to the bathroom after walking the wrong way.

Siddiq, Mercer, and George - The Walking Dead issue 178 - Skybound and Image Comics
Siddiq, Mercer, and George – The Walking Dead issue 178 – Skybound and Image Comics /

Back at The Hilltop, Maggie and Dante are looking at a map. He has his arm around her and he’s cuddling in, but Maggie tells him to stop. He continues nuzzling in, saying that he doesn’t know if that means to actually stop or to try harder.

Maggie smiles and Dante says that persistence is one of his best traits and he is just the right amount of annoying for her. She says that she likes knowing that he REALLY likes her as Sophia comes barging into the room.

Sophia immediately berates Maggie for her physical relationship, calling her horrible names before running out of the room. Maggie chases after her, eventually meeting up in her room and talking about how she thought of Maggie and Glenn as her parents.

She says that if Maggie can stop loving Glenn, that could mean she may stop loving her, too. She says Dante is NOTHING like Glenn…and he’s gross.

Maggie reminds her that she does love Glenn and always will, but she is a child and this is none of her business. She adds that Glenn has been gone a long time and she is tired of being alone. She goes on to say that Dante makes her happy, and it’s okay for her to be happy.

Sophia understands but is disappointed that Maggie didn’t tell her about it. She says everyone was talking about it, but she would defend them and say that nothing was going on. Now, she feels dumb for being so vocal.

Maggie and Sophia - The Walking Dead issue 178 - Skybound and Image Comics
Maggie and Sophia – The Walking Dead issue 178 – Skybound and Image Comics /

Saying that she just needed some time to sort out her feelings, Maggie says she didn’t know what she and Dante were either. She didn’t talk to Sophia about it because she didn’t want to bother her with it if it was nothing but a fling.

Back at The Commonwealth, Michonne is talking to Elodie. She says what they have in Alexandria is nice, but it’s nothing like where they are now. Elodie breaks down crying, saying that she hated Michonne growing up because she left and blamed her for everything that happened to her family.  Michonne says she blamed herself too.

Elodie goes on to say that she put the poster up out of spite, hoping to curse Michonne out if she ever saw her again for abandoning them when they needed her. However, she couldn’t do that and when she saw her, all those feelings changed.

After being alone a long time, seeing Michonne was weird. Elodie reminds Michonne that she grew up hating her, but she says that is totally understandable. Elodie says she still might hate her, and she replies that would okay too. Finally, Elodie says she may not want her around, and Michonne says that she’ll be around when she does…and that she’s her mother, and she will never let her go again as the two share a big hug.

Elodie and Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 178 - Skybound and Image Comics
Elodie and Michonne – The Walking Dead issue 178 – Skybound and Image Comics /

Back at The Hilltop, Carl is talking with Sophia. Carl gets confirmation that Maggie and Dante have been together and asks if she’s okay with that. Sophia reminds him of the situation with Andrea and his mother, but Carl says he just wanted his dad to be happy. He goes on to say he hopes Rick finds someone again to help make him happy.

Michonne meets back with the leaders of The Commonwealth and her traveling companions. She says Elodie was safe here and she likes it, so she is ready to trust them. The new group says they can go on to become friends, but Eugene still wants to talk to Stephanie.

Milton has someone send for Stephanie and gather their weapons. She says she’d love to see Alexandria and would like to leave in a day or two.

Their weapons arrive, along with Stephanie. She apologizes to Eugene for not being at their first meeting as well as her actions at the parade. He says if not for her on the radio, they would never have met, so there is no need to apologize.

Pamela Milton then says they have a protocol in place and take meeting new people very seriously before asking Stephanie to take them to their rooms. Stephanie offers to show them around as the members of The Commonwealth staff get back to work.

Michonne says this situation is odd because they didn’t ask many questions at all. Stephanie says that is likely because she wants to talk to Rick about them instead, but Sebastian shows up to introduce himself and apologize for their first meeting.

He flirts with Yumiko, kissing her hand and offering a “private” tour. She declines, but Sebastian insists, saying that she would make a much better friend than enemy before Magna jumps in to split them up. In frustration, Sebastian shoves Magna, pushing her to the ground.

The Walking Dead issue 178 - Skybound and Image Comics
The Walking Dead issue 178 – Skybound and Image Comics /

Princess raises her spear to Sebastian to get him to stop but he orders The Commonwealth soldiers to step in. They instruct her to put her weapon on the ground but instead, she lowers her goggles and fights the soldiers.

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Princess hits Sebastian with the blunt end of her spear before besting a few more of The Commonwealth’s soldiers. She says she is done and they are wimps just as a throwing ax knocks her spear from her hand.

She bends over to pick it up but is stopped by Mercer. Sebastian orders him to arrest them all but refuses to do so. Michonne says he assaulted Magna, but those claims were denied by Sebastian.

Elodie helps Sebastian to his feet but is slapped for his efforts. He says that is what an assault looks like and that everyone should back off or get kicked out of The Commonwealth.

With an angry look in her eye, Michonne says that isn’t how they do things. She reaches for her sword but is stopped by Elodie, who says they need to know their place there and she should just let it go as the issue comes to an end.

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