Comic book recap: The Walking Dead issue 180 New World Order Part 6

Princess - The Walking Dead issue 180 - Image Comics and Skybound
Princess - The Walking Dead issue 180 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What happened in issue 180 of The Walking Dead comics? Here is a full recap of events from ‘New World Order Part 6 of 6’ released on June 6, 2018.

The New World Order arc of The Walking Dead came to a close on June 6, 2018 when the sixth and final installment in this series was released focusing on the group from The Commonwealth visiting with the people of Alexandria.

For those curious as to what happened during issue 180, here is a full recap of events from the June 2018 issue of the comics. However, it is highly recommended that you be caught up on the last month’s issue and have either read this issue or know there are massive spoilers below.


The issue opens with Michonne and Elodie arriving at a meeting with Lance Hornsby. She says she doesn’t know why he wanted to meet her at his home, but he corrects her and tells her that this is HER house. He says they take care of their people at The Commonwealth and her skills as a lawyer could come in handy.

Stunned, Michonne makes sure that all she ha to do is accept the offer to practice law in the community and she’ll be given a house. Lance verifies that notion. Taking a moment to think, Hornsby is surprised she isn’t excited or jumping at the opportunity.

Michonne is skeptical about being given a house, saying it is too good to be true. He assures her again that this is the real deal and those kinds of feelings will fade inside The Commonwealth.  She asks when she would move in, and he replies that she just did.

He says the first floor of this building would be her law office and he recommends that Elodie is relocated to the office to assist her mother. He says she is valuable to them because of her specific law background.

Elodie says she had better like it because she’s moving in, adding that the guest room at the house is bigger than her entire apartment.

In Alexandria, Dwight arrives and sees Tara on his couch. He asks her if he is too late for them to be together. She says she hasn’t shacked up with anyone else and is glad that he has come to his senses.

Dwight realizes that Sherry is the past and her unpredictable actions likely led to her demise. Tara corrects him, saying that she was absolutely crazy. Apologizing for speaking ill of her, Tara is then told that he has a tendency to focus on the negative side of things and needs to stop blaming himself.

She asks if he’s ready to apologize to Rick. Dwight replies that he is headed there next and would like her to join him. She agrees to join him just as he hears the gate open and someone arriving at the community.

The Commonwealth arrives - The Walking Dead issue 180 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Commonwealth arrives – The Walking Dead issue 180 – Image Comics and Skybound /

The people of The Commonwealth are exiting the wagon inside the walls of Alexandria. He says to gather their army, just in case and the two go to get their ‘soldiers’.

Eugene offers to announce the arrival of The Commonwealth to Rick. Pamela likes the formality of that and makes sure she tells him about the platoon following them and compliments him on his move to get ahead of the group.

Meanwhile, Rick sees the sword and starts to freak out. Eugene quickly explains that she gave it to him in good faith and she is fine at The Commonwealth and reunited with her daughter. Rick’s jaw hits the ground learning about this news, but changes to a big smile.

Eugene tells Rick that their leader is outside, but he asks for a quick briefing before he goes to meet her.

The meeting finally happens. Rick introduces himself to Pamela and learns she is a governor. This is when Princess jumps off her horse, excited to meet THE Rick Grimes! She says she’s heard so many stories and that it’s awesome to meet him, introducing herself as Princess.

Princess - The Walking Dead issue 180 - Image Comics and Skybound
Princess – The Walking Dead issue 180 – Image Comics and Skybound /

After Rick realizes that his group picked up Princess in Pittsburgh, he asks her to give him and Pamela a moment. Pamela says she is enthusiastic. In turn, Rick says he is looking forward to getting to know her, as well as The Commonwealth.

Pamela explains she is not the ruler or founder of the community, but more of a steward, improving on what exists. Rick says he did similar things here and he looked forward to hearing their war stories. Pamela says she doesn’t really have any, and Rick wishes he didn’t.

Addressing the platoon of soldiers coming, Rick wants to make sure they’re on the level and wants to send someone to meet them to a neutral location. Just then, Dwight, Heath, Laura, Annie, and others arrive and remind Pamela they are far from defenseless.

Pamela says this intimidation tactic is not working in the least. He explains that Dwight is the leader of their military and will meet her platoon at the staging area. She says Mercer can go with them to ensure their safety.

Offering to take Pamela on the grand tour of Alexandria, Rick gets some alone time with the governor. She tells her people to stay behind, saying she could probably take him in a fight. He says she might be surprised and she says he might be as they start the tour.

She asks him about his hand. He tells the story of The Governor cutting off his hand to intimidate him and his people. Pamela then says to call her by her name, and never ‘Governor’. He says he didn’t tell that story to make her uncomfortable, just to understand the kind of people they have met along their way and what they have survived in the past.

The intensity of their past gets to Pamela. He says they’ll get to know each other and hopefully it works out as he shows her their mill. He says their mill and the delicious bread are thanks to Eugene’s engineering. She says he seems like a valuable asset to the group, and Rick agrees he is.

While speaking of Eugene, Pamela says she would be interested to see what someone of his talents can go with the resources The Commonwealth offers. Rick says he’s surprised they don’t have five engineers there as good as Eugene considering their community. She says “thinkers” will always be in high demand.

Rick offers Pamela an apple. She accepts it and takes a big bite, exclaiming how delicious it is. She asks to see his house and is surprised to learn that he lives among the common people in the community. He says he’s part of the community and lives just like them because they are equals.

Rick Grimes and Pamela Milton - The Walking Dead issue 180 - Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes and Pamela Milton – The Walking Dead issue 180 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Pamela says that doesn’t make sense because they need to look up to him and aspire to reach his level. He explains that people look up to him because of what he has done and what he continues to do. Rick adds that you earn your place in the new world and who you were in the past died when society fell.

Continuing, Rick adds that he doesn’t understand the status system in The Commonwealth and being given things based on your previous life. She says they are okay with things being fair, but Rick doesn’t see it as fair.

The ladder of success at The Commonwealth is explained to Rick, including mobility, the working class, and more. Rick says that system is just a burden on the lower class to provide for the upper-level people. Pamela says that’s how it has always been…that’s the world order.

Looking Pamela in the eyes, he tells her it might be time for a new world order and she glares back at him as the issue comes to a close.

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