Comic book recap of The Walking Dead issue 181: Together Strong

Carl and Joshua from The Walking Dead issue 181 - Image Comics and Skybound
Carl and Joshua from The Walking Dead issue 181 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What happened in issue 181 of The Walking Dead comics? Here is the full recap of the July 2018 issue titled Together Strong from Image Comics and Skybound.

The Walking Dead comics have been interesting in the last few months. A new community very different from the group of survivors readers are familiar with has been introduced and tensions are at an all-time high.

Entering issue 181 titled “Together Strong”, Rick has been talking with Pamela to improve relations between the group leaders while new survivors have joined the survivors and the communities attempted to repair the damage done by The Whisperers.

Want to know what happens in issue 181 of The Walking Dead comics? Here is a full rundown on everything that happened!


The issue kicks off with Pamela Milton looking at the ocean, admiring it while Rick Grimes stands by her side. She is corrected Maxwell Hawkins, saying that it’s more of an inlet than an ocean. He gets a staredown from Pamela as a result and quickly backtracks.

Rick takes Pamela to meet Pete and assures her that he’s whipping up something tasty. Meanwhile, Mercer laughs with Maxwell about the previous conversation.

Back at The Commonwealth, Michonne is talking to Elodie. She says she spoke with Lance and accepted the position in the community as well as her new place of living. Elodie is elated by the news. Michonne adds that they gave her some time to get up to speed and Elodie says this might be a great opportunity to take a trip.

Back in The Hilltop, Carl is introducing himself to Joshua. He explains that his parents are in the house talking with Maggie to find out if they are okay to live in the community, especially considering they were found with The Whisperers. Carl asks him if his parents are crazy, and he says no. Then, Carl offers to show him around and ensures him that it is usually a safe place.

Carl and Joshua from The Walking Dead issue 181 - Image Comics and Skybound
Carl and Joshua from The Walking Dead issue 181 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Aaron, Jesus, and Maggie are talking about the new arrivals and say that they seem okay. Aaron says it seems like they haven’t been with The Whisperers for too long and Jesus adds that has a great feeling that they are good people.

Maggie says they can stay but knows good beds and furniture are lacking after the attack by Beta and The Whisperers. She asks if they could find some and Jesus says to make a list to bring to Rick and they would help to make it happen. Aaron also says Rick requested a visit from Carl, which would be great after the major losses he experienced.

Jesus says they are doing a great job rebuilding The Hilltop. Maggie replies that the basic structure of the community stayed in place, making a rebuild easier.  Meanwhile, Jesus is just excited about the idea of getting his bedroom back.

The conversation changes back to The Whisperers. Maggie wants to know for sure that Beta is dead and gets that assurance from Aaron and Jesus. Feeling that The Whisperers might actually be done for good, Maggie is relieved. However, Jesus says there might be some out there they don’t know about.

The scene shifts back to Rick. Princess is talking his ear off as they ride horses. She thanks him for letting her come along. In typical Princess fashion, she needs to have her train of conversation stopped by Rick telling her that it’s okay.

She asks if he trusts her, to which he replies he usually does…except when she acts like that. He adds that Eugene says she’s a good person and a good fighter, so she’s more than welcome. Princess is more than happy, saying that he’s cool!

Just then, Dwight says there is trouble on the way. A group of walkers is in the way. Eugene says to wait and let them pass. They aren’t a major threat and will miss the group. Rick says that’s not an option because it would leave Oceanside vulnerable and wonders how his lookouts missed this.

Walkers from The Walking Dead issue 181 - Image Comics and Sybound
Walkers from The Walking Dead issue 181 – Image Comics and Sybound /

After saying it can’t be steered by Rick, Dwight, and Heath, Rick says they need help and attempts to recruit Mercer and others to help. Mercer says he will do nothing that will possibly endanger the governor. Rick explains that if they don’t reroute them that it could mean trouble for Pamela.

They discuss the plan for routing the dead, but Princess isn’t following it all. Mercer says to stick with him and she’ll be fine. The group does their best to round up the zombies without getting too close to put anyone in danger.

The walkers finally get contained. However, Princess notices Pamela is in her wagon and pulling some of the undead away from the horde. While watching the wagon, Princess became surrounded by the zombies.

She falls off her horse and Mercer quickly jumps off his horse to help her. Dwight and soldiers from The Commonwealth come to their aid as more walkers join in the attack. Dwight tries to stop a soldier from getting engulfed in the horde, but they can’t penetrate the armor.

Reinforcements arrive and get orders to take out walkers but be sure of their targets since there are many people in the area. They open fire, systematically taking out the undead while Pamela witnessed the entire attack, impressed by what she is watching.

Surrounded by defeated walkers, Mercer and Princess stand back to back while other soldiers from The Commonwealth are fine. Princess and Mercer turn around and she plants a big kiss on his lips and then apologizes, saying she felt it at the moment.

Dwight and Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead issue 181 - Image Comics and Skybound
Dwight and Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead issue 181 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Pamela orders her wagon go to meet everyone while Rick is surprised that Tara and the reinforcements arrived since he didn’t order them to. Dwight says that he just wanted to make sure everyone was safe.

Rick says that Vincent and Annie were supposed to be on the lookout and taking them from their posts was one reason the walkers were allowed to get so close. Dwight doesn’t reply.

Pamela arrives and praises Mercer for his efforts during the fray. He says she should apologize for drawing the walkers to her and causing the need to fight. She says she knew he was capable of fighting them off…and now “they” know too as the issue comes to a close.

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