Ups and Downs from issue 187 of The Walking Dead comics

Guards from The Commonwealth - The Walking Dead issue 187 - Image Comics and Skybound
Guards from The Commonwealth - The Walking Dead issue 187 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What were the good, bad, and interesting things from issue 187 of The Walking Dead comic book series? Here are the ups and downs from The Road Back!

Issue 187 of The Walking Dead was released on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019 and readers were looking for explanations for what happened in the previous month’s installment of the popular comic book series.

While it is highly recommended that you have read the comics or at least checked out the FULL RECAP OF EVENTS FROM THE ISSUE, before checking out the good, bad, and interesting things from the issue titled “The Road Back”.


The good stuff

  1. Still communicating. Although Rick and Michonne had a serious disconnect in issue 186, they didn’t take long before they sat things down and worked them out. The two have been through so much together that it would be hard to imagine the two facing off against each other. While that could still happen, it is much more unlikely now.
  2. Building on common ground. Sophia deserves to find someone to enjoy being around and it looks like Joshua might be that person. They both have some really dark things in their past and can use that as a way to bond and learn more about each other. They can work things out and be another power couple on the rise in at The Hilltop.
  3. Talking up the guest. For Pamela Milton to explain what happened in Michonne’s apartment to people at a massive gathering and make Rick Grimes the hero of the situation is great for Rick and his group. It makes him look even stronger and be able to maintain order while showing weakness at The Commonwealth.

The bad things

  1. Not knowing your surroundings. Locker room talk is one thing that happens, but you have to know your audience. That’s especially important when discussing sensitive topics which could place you or others in poor situations. Mercer is now going to be in the doghouse, and maybe he should consider moving out of The Commonwealth with Princess.
  2. Insecurities showing. One of my favorite relationships in the comics is Carl and Lydia. The two have leaned on each other so hard since they met that it is hard to imagine anyone else involved with either of them. The hope is that they would have come together and been more comfortable by this point, but that mindset might never leave Lydia.
  3. Relaxed security. It seems as though The Hilltop may not be as secure as it should be. Of course, things will happen to distract and doing it every day over and over can make each moment feel less important…but when lives are at stake, it should perhaps be taken a bit more seriously. It didn’t seem too big of a deal now, but it might be setting something up later.

The interesting stuff

  1. Can we trust him? It’s nice to see Sophia getting along well with Joshua, but there has to be some question about whether or not he is really the kind of guy that can be trusted. Unlike other characters, we have gotten to know, his former place among The Whisperers has to be questioned…at least a little bit.
  2. Learning more about Princess. What used to be a one-dimensional character got some depth in this issue. While her overwhelmingly positive nature may still not be for every reader, at least it is explained as to why she feels the need to run when things get difficult and look out for herself after everything she’s been through.
  3. Getting some reinforcements. Magna’s concern about the people who made the trip to The Commonwealth is justified since there will already be at least one individual who doesn’t make the trip home. What they will discover when they get there is what should be truly scary.

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What did you think were the best and worst parts of The Walking Dead issue 187 comics? Do you agree with these good and bad points? Let us know your opinions on “The Road Back” in the comments section!