Ups and Downs from issue 189 of The Walking Dead comics

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead issue 189 - Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead issue 189 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What are the good, bad, and interesting things from issue 189 of The Walking Dead comics titled “Lines are Drawn” which released on March 6, 2019?

Once again, The Walking Dead comics kept people guessing by moving the story involving the Commonwealth ahead at a breakneck pace while putting Rick Grimes and the groups from Alexandria and the Hilltop in the middle of it all.

Issue 189 gave readers plenty to think about and made quite a few developments in key plot areas. There were also a lot of positive moments to enjoy and some things that didn’t quite hit the mark.

Let’s take a look at the positives, negatives, and interesting things from the March 2019 installment of The Walking Dead comics titled “Lines Are Drawn”. Of course, it is highly advised that you have read the comic or CHECKED OUT THE RECAP before continuing!


The good things

  1. Eugene’s bravery. It appears as though bravery comes easy for the smarty-pants when protecting someone he cares about. For him to step up the way he did and use his innovation to escape the herd is truly commendable and is a good omen for the future of him and Stephanie.
  2.  George finally standing up. It’s disappointing George wouldn’t stand up for Mercer back in the locker room, but him finally teaming up with his friend and co-worker was a great sight. Even if he doesn’t
  3. We’re there for you! It was great to see how quickly Jesus and Carl were willing to do anything that was asked of them by Rick. It shows the massive amount of respect there is between them all and shows the big difference between Pamela and Rick.

The bad stuff

  1. Tara’s causing trouble. It should be expected that Tara wouldn’t be happy with the Commonwealth, Rick, or the lack of a real response to Dwight’s death. However, she just wants to cause trouble now and is using Mercer’s distaste for the Commonwealth’s leadership to open the door.
  2. Stepping up to Rick. There is nothing wrong for standing up for yourself or your community but there should be a basis for doing so. Sebastian has no reason to go after Rick the way he did and it sheds an even bigger light on the problems the family in charge at the Commonwealth have created in their community.
  3. Rick is trapped in the middle. After getting the leadership of the Commonwealth out of the community before things got too bad, Rick returned to the scene to defuse the situation, only to find out that Mercer and some of the others are looking to him to be a key part of the revolution. It will be tough to see how that works out.

The interesting things

  1. That cover art. I can’t get over the perspective of the people on the cover. Typically it’s hard to criticize anything about the excellent visuals from the great artists who work on this comic, but seeing how the people look odd enough with their sizes stacked on top of each other was truly odd.
  2. Seriously, that guy is clueless. It’s hard to believe that Sebastian is as horrible of a person as he is being portrayed as. I try to find redeemable qualities in just about every person or character, but finding anything positive about Sebastian is impossible at this point in the comics.
  3. You spin me right round…right round. It is pretty fun to think of a spinning fire extinguisher spewing its fluid in the middle of a zombie horde. Covered in the spray and distracting the undead is nifty, but using it to get away from the undead is definitely innovative.

As a whole, this was a solid issue of the comic book series. There were some intensity and drama in the situation involving Eugene and Stephanie. Pairing that with the developments at the Commonwealth led to an interesting issue with plenty to leave readers thinking about.

It’s pretty crazy how each issue can have a little cliffhanger or major moment to close on, but Robert Kirkman and the team do an excellent job of bringing that story to live each and every month.


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What do you think were the best and worst moments from issue 189 of The Walking Dead comics titled “Lines Are Drawn” which was released on Mar. 5, 2019? Let us know what you think in the comments section! Plus, be sure to pick up an issue at your local comic retailer or online at Comixology.