The Walking Dead comic issue 191 rushed to a second print

Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead issue 191 - Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead issue 191 - Image Comics and Skybound /

Fans looking to pick up issue 191 of The Walking Dead at a local shop may have seen an empty shelf instead of the May 2019 installment of the comic series.

When issue 191 of The Walking Dead comics was released, fans assumed something big was going to go down. When the May 2019 comic hit comic shops, the impact of the issue was bigger than anyone could have expected.

Considering the way “The Last Stand” ended, it’s no surprise that fans rushed to pick up their copy of what could be one of the most significant issues of the series ever to be released. Thankfully, Image Comics and Skybound are working to fill that need by rushing to a second print.

Here is Skybound’s official Twitter account of The Walking Dead sharing the news of issue 191 getting a second print.

With everything that happened in this issue, it wouldn’t be shocking to see this second print sell out either. Collectors are likely making sure to get their hands on a first print copy of this issue to add to their collection or possibly even get graded and stored away for future value.

The second print may be on the way, but that doesn’t mean readers should assume it will be readily available. Those looking to pick up a copy of the second print may want to call their local comic retailer to hold one of the newly arriving issues for safekeeping until you can be there to pick it up.

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For those who haven’t read the issue but just want to see what all the hype is about, the digital version of issue 191 can be bought on Comixology along with all the previously released issues of The Walking Dead comics and many of the specials.

No matter what, this is a game-changing issue that needs to be read.