Did Rick Grimes survive the events of The Walking Dead issue 192?

Rick Grimes and Sebastian - The Walking Dead issue 192 - Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes and Sebastian - The Walking Dead issue 192 - Image Comics and Skybound /

Heading into issue 192 of The Walking Dead comics, readers were highly concerned about the future of Rick Grimes. But did he live on after his attack?

Things didn’t look good for Rick Grimes when issue 191 of The Walking Dead comics ended. The leader of Alexandria and the man everyone looks up to was laying in bed, wounded and at the mercy of Sebastian.

The cliffhanger ending left fans highly concerned about Rick and wondering how things could work for him to be saved. With everyone hoping for the best, issue 192 of the comics was released on June 5, 2019 to tell the story.

It didn’t take long for the issue titled “Aftermath” to finish up the scene with Rick and Sebastian…and here is what happened. Of course, it is HIGHLY recommended you read the comic or at least THIS RECAP first.


For a moment, it looked like Sebastian regretted his decision to shoot Rick at the end of the last issue. However, that definitely wasn’t the case. Looking at the wounded man who was taking away his power and freedoms at the Commonwealth did nothing for his conscience or his humanity as he popped more bullets into Rick’s body.

Not only did he murder Rick Grimes but he ran away after doing it. He did leave his gun behind to make him easily identifiable as the assailant, but even after shooting him multiple times, Sebastian showed no remorse.

Carl Grimes - The Walking Dead issue 192 - Image Comics and Skybound
Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead issue 192 – Image Comics and Skybound /

What was even more crushing is that Carl found his father as a walker just as he was getting him to have breakfast at the Commonwealth. Instead of pancakes, he put down his zombified father with a shot to the head.

Carl is highly emotional and struggling with the loss of his father, but he knows Rick would want to be buried in Alexandria next to Andrea. Still, the question of whether or not Carl will be able to carry on after what happened has yet to be seen.

In addition, the question of what the people who weren’t present at the Commonwealth will think of Rick and Dwight’s deaths upon return has to be addressed because there is no way that anyone who wasn’t at the new community would understand what happened and why without being angry or distrustful.

The characters in the comics are going to need a lot of support. Rick Grimes has been there to lead the survivors through so much over the years that trying to imagine the zombie apocalypse without him is nearly impossible. However, it is the reality which fans must face.

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Rick Grimes is dead. And he was killed by someone as annoying and useless as Sebastian Milton. Hopefully, Carl can be strong and prove himself to be a leader like his father was for many years in The Walking Dead comics…but that will be tough for him to accomplish without the help of everyone around him.