Can comic book newcomers read The Walking Dead #192

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With all of the buzz surrounding The Walking Dead #192, some fans of the show might be curious about reading the latest comic book story.

There are lots of different kinds of The Walking Dead fans. Some are loyal comic book enthusiasts while others are dedicated to everything that happens on the show. There are some that enjoy both the comics and the show. If you haven’t been following along with the comics, you might have heard about The Walking Dead #192. For fans wondering if it’s possible to read this issue by itself, here are some thoughts.

I’m an avid comic book reader but I have never read The Walking Dead comics and this was entirely by design. Undead Walking is very fortunate to have an expert on the comic books in Adam Carlson, who covers everything from previews to recaps and reviews of each issue. I decided that I wanted to watch the show through the lens of someone who doesn’t know anything about canon or source material.

The Walking Dead #192 is a huge issue for the comic book series. The story began back in issue #190 and there will be lots of fallout. The buzz for this book has been overwhelming.

Having piqued my curiosity, I bought a copy and read it.

For newcomers to the comics, picking up a single issue will prove challenging. There are characters in this world that don’t exist in the television show world, and the story at this point in the comics is far beyond where things are in season 9. I didn’t recognize many of the characters. Carl is still alive. Michonne is there.

But when it comes to the story itself, I could follow along easily. Within a few pages my jaw was on the floor and I was as stunned as everyone else. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know the plot leading up to this issue. A good comic book will be written so that it’s gripping for longtime readers and equally entertaining for someone who makes that issue their first comic ever. And The Walking Dead #192 did just that.

In fact, I’m so intrigued by what happened in The Walking Dead #192 that I returned to my local comic shop the next day and added the title to my pull list. I want to know what happens next.

The bottom line is that you can very easily pick up this comic and read it and understand enough of what’s happening to appreciate it. You can go back and read #190 and #191 for an even better understanding. And, of course, you can also start reading The Walking Dead comics from the very beginning, but with 192 issues it will take you a while to get through them.

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Given the buzz around this story and all of the chatter on social media, it won’t be long until the story is revealed. If you want to be surprised, I suggest getting a copy ASAP because they are selling out at comic shops all over. If your local comic shop doesn’t have any, there is a second printing on the way. You can also purchase a digital copy from Image Comics.

Be sure to let us know what you think of The Walking Dead #192 in the comments!