6 more TWD actors are joining Robert Kirkman’s Invincible

Robert Kirkman announces 6 TWD actors will be joining Invincible

During Robert Kirkman’s panel at San Diego Comic-con, he announced that 6 more actors from The Walking Dead universe would be joining the cast of Invincible, an amazing new animated show coming to Amazon Prime. Invincible is based on comics by the same name, written by Kirkman himself.

Invincible already featured a stellar cast including, Steven Yuen, Khary Payton, Mark Hamill, Sandra Oh, Walton Goggins, and more. These are the new actors being brought on and who they will play: Chad Coleman will voice Martian Man, Lauren Cohan is War Woman, Michael Cudlitz is Red Rush, Lennie James will be Darkwing, Sonequa Martin-Green will be Green Ghost, and Ross Marquand will be both Immortal and Aquarius.

All the shows from The Walking Dead universe are in a place of limbo right now. While fans did learn release dates to episodes in the universe that were already filmed, there is no telling when all the actors can go back and film more scenes because of the global pandemic. Animation, on the other hand, isn’t being hit as hard, so Invincible could be something fans watch while they are waiting for content in the future.

While superheroes are a far cry from the zombie drama fans know and love, it could be rewarding to lean into a new show and appreciate new work that our beloved actors are putting their hearts into.

It also supports Robert Kirkman, Skybound, and all the people we know and love from The Walking Dead. At the end of the day, fans love these shows because of the people who make it, so it’s time to give their other work love and support and expand The Walking Dead family to include Invincible.

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