25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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What are the best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse?

It is absolutely a great time to be a fan of zombies right now, and after years of watching all the shows and movies that have come out in recent memory regarding the undead, it’s perfectly normal to want to prepare for the real thing. One way to do that is to assess the environment one finds themselves in and see if it is capable of withstanding the hordes of living dead anxious to eat flesh and brains.

But it isn’t enough to just make sure the windows are boarded up and the basement is stocked. The metropolitan area where one calls home is also a significant factor when it comes to the chances of survival during a zombie apocalypse.

In The Walking Dead, it becomes apparent that Atlanta may not be the best place to hang out during the zombie invasion, and titles like Army of the Dead prove that one should not vacation in Vegas during the end of the world. So the question remains which cities are the best equipped for whatever number of reasons to hold out against the undead and offer people the best chance for a future once the nightmare ends?

Is the Big Apple or Windy City the place to be for those that don’t want to get bitten by a walking corpse? Should everyone pack up their bags and head to Orlando, Florida, to hide out in Universal Studios or Disney World? The chances are good that those spots may be hazardous for a number of reasons in such a dire ordeal. Luckily a list has been compiled with the 25 best cities to withstand an apocalypse of zombie proportions.