Collect new Walking Dead Funko Pops ahead of final season premiere

Discover Funko's new Daryl Pop! from 'The Walking Dead' available on Amazon.
Discover Funko's new Daryl Pop! from 'The Walking Dead' available on Amazon. /

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As the premiere of the finale season of The Walking Dead on AMC on August 22 approaches, so too does your chances of getting pop culture memorabilia of the iconic characters. As part of Funkoween, the annual Funko Pop! halfway to Hallows Eve celebration, four new Walking Dead figurines have been announced to commemorate the occasion.

Carol and Daryl have become staples of The Walking Dead since they originally appeared in the first season. Funko is honoring these characters with Pop! figurines showing them in new settings. Daryl looks like he’s had a rough day with a new scar on his face, laces around his knees, a green poncho, and a massive gun. Loyal four-legged companion, Dog, also joins him. Carol is shown in all her white-haired glory with a bow and her trusty shoulder bag that we hope has some arrows in it.

The Walking Dead NEW Funko Pop!

Discover Funko's new Maggie from 'The Walking Dead' Pop available on Amazon.
Discover Funko’s new Maggie from ‘The Walking Dead’ Pop available on Amazon. /

In addition to Carol and Daryl, Maggie has been in the show since season two and has significantly impacted fans. As the widow of Glenn and leader of the Hilltop Colony, she has a vital role in the community. The new Funko Pop! shows Maggie with a bow and arrow at the ready wearing a backpack and a hat. Unfortunately for her, Negan also is a Funko in this collection.  His Pop! features him wearing a leather jacket and his trusty bat on his back while wielding a knife.

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These Funko Pop! figurines of Negan, Maggie, Carol, and Daryl are now available for pre-order and should be shipping out by the end of November. Also, don’t forget to catch the new season of The Walking Dead on AMC on HuluAmazon Prime, SlingTV, and FuboTV starting August 22.