The Walking Dead: Alexandria’s walls finally come down

Senoia Georgia visit. Image courtesy Renee Hansen
Senoia Georgia visit. Image courtesy Renee Hansen /

I shared my experience of going behind the walls of Alexandria in Senoia, Georgia, on the first day Morgan Street reopened to the public after being closed for almost eight years. This location was used to film the wildly popular Walking Dead series. During that visit, the news was circulated that the walls would be coming down soon, with no exact date set for this process to start. Today, July 11, 2022, fans have posted several photos with several sections of the walls already removed. This is a monumental moment in The Walking Dead fandom, something everyone knew was coming but is still not quite ready to face.

Thank you to Missy Roberts for the photos!

The series has eight episodes remaining in the final season, which are expected to release this fall. Several moments have led up to the end, including the last season premiere in August 2021, the final midseason finale in April 2022 and the wrapping of filming on the final episode of the series in March 2022.

The Walking Dead series

AMC will host a Walking Dead panel at Comic Con 2022 in San Diego on July 21-24. Fans will be treated to the official trailer premiere for season 11, part 3 of the series. This will most likely be accompanied by the premiere date announcement, which is expected to be October 2.

The final episodes will conclude the story of the flagship series that will lead to several spinoffs, including Tales of the Walking Dead, which will premiere on August 14, Isle of the Dead, which is set to begin filming this week, and a Daryl Dixon spinoff that will be filmed and set in Europe. Fear the Walking Dead will also see an eighth season as filming begins in Savannah this summer.

It is sad to see the walls of Alexandria come down, but the residents who live within the walls would like to see their lives return to normal. One resident, Dave, who lives in a brownstone where much filming occurred, talked to me while I visited.  He said the residents are excited and nervous about the walls coming down. The first morning one fan had broken the rules and went off the public street filming on private property. Morgan Street is currently the only public street that is the only path any member of the public our tour groups are allowed on. The side streets, houses, lawns, etc., are private property and fans need to be respectful of this, as you would with any other neighborhood.

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