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Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Duane Charles Manwiller has worked as a cinematographer for The Walking Dead since 2017, according to IMDB. He would then become director of photography for the majority of his time working on the series. During the dry spells of waiting on the release of new episodes, he has delighted fans with amazing behind-the-scenes photos of the series via his Instagram page.

AMC hasn’t done much in the way of promoting the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead. This is likely due to holding out for the final Comic Con appearance at this year’s event. The trailer for the last episodes will be revealed, and it is speculated the release date will be announced as well. AMC also has panels for The Walking Dead and Tales of the Walking Dead scheduled at Comic Con 2022.

Until then, fans have enjoyed the photos that Manwiller shares as he features many of our favorite actors and walker shots.

The Walking Dead season 11 part 3

The most recent photo is of Father Gabriel, portrayed by Seth Gilliam. This is one of several characters who has experienced significant growth since his introduction. He began as a coward and grew into a strong and capable leader. Many viewers have long thought he won’t make it until the last episode as he has already outlived his comic death.

He looks quite serious in this photo, and he is among the group who have turned against the Commonwealth, making him a target in the last eight episodes.

Melissa McBride has portrayed Carol Peletier since season one of the series. She is the reigning queen of our survivors, always willing to do the jobs no one else dares to complete. She may not always make the popular choices, but she makes the ones that generally ensure the safety of those she loves. How McBride hasn’t won more awards for her role is beyond me.

The teasers have shown Carol inside the Commonwealth stealthy watching Shira (Chella Ramos), so there will be no doubt we will see a showdown between these two women in the last episodes.

When Yumiko, portrayed by Eleanor Matsuura, first came on the scene, I wasn’t impressed with the character, but since her entrance into the Commonwealth, Matsuura has been given a chance to shine in this role. Yumiko is brilliant, and her past career as a lawyer has made her sharp and alert to everything going on. She will prove invaluable in the last episodes.

The photo below shows her at the prison, most likely visiting someone she is defending.

The action photo of Eugene Porter below is a kickass shot of another character who has seen substantial growth. He would make Abraham (Michael Cudltiz) proud. Josh McDermitt has done a fantastic job taking Eugene from a sniveling liar to a man finding his way in the apocalyptic world.

Margot Bingham is an outstanding addition to TWD Family. This woman is funny, intelligent, genuine and drop-dead gorgeous. I had the privilege of interviewing her at The Camp in May 2022, and she is so down-to-earth and honest. She has given such life to Max in the series, who is a welcome addition to the storyline.

Daryl Dixon. He will always be my favorite, and watching his transformation over the years has fascinated me. Norman Reedus has really put his all into this character and will continue to do so in the spinoff series.

Duane Charles Manwiller has been such a gem of a human to TWD Family. He has taken us inside the series, something we would have otherwise never experienced, and shown us fun behind-the-scenes glimpses into this world we love so much. Words can’t express the gratitude we have for him and what he has given us as fans. Thank you!

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