Is The Walking Dead on Netflix?

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The Walking Dead is one of the world’s most-watched shows in cable tv history.  The series is based on the comic book by Robert Kirkman, with artwork by Tony Moore, issues 1-6 and cover art through issue 24, and Charlie Adlard completing the art for the remaining issues. This “zombie” series was set in an undead apocalypse but focused on the stories of the survivors.

The first episode aired on AMC on Halloween night, 2010, and fans were immediately hooked. The first season consisted of six episodes which would lay out the tone for the entire series. No one could have anticipated that this series would run for 12 years, 11 seasons, and 177 episodes.

The Walking Dead would air its final episode on November 20, 2022, and do justice to the story most viewers didn’t want to end.

The Walking Dead on Netflix

January 2023, the eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead was released on Netflix. The last season consisted of 24 episodes that began airing in August 2021. Released in three segments of eight episodes, the final season saw a significant focus on the Commonwealth, a progressive community with many dark secrets.

This means that Netflix has all eleven seasons of The Walking Dead in its catalog. This makes it convenient for fans who wish to re-binge the series and those who have never watched it to have all the episodes in one spot.

The Walking Dead universe is far from being over; the first spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, is in its eighth season that will premiere on May 14, 2023. There are three new series currently in production, with The Walking Dead: Dead City premiering in June 2023, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon before the end of 2023, and Summit in 2024.

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