7 Walking Dead characters we need to see in The Ones Who Live spinoff

Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 24 - Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC
Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 24 - Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC /

Fans of The Walking Dead are anxiously awaiting release date news for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live series, which is expected in 2024. This series will see Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira reprise their roles as Rick and Michonne. Described as an epic love story, this series will feature the long-awaited reunion between the apocalyptic power couple.

Walking Dead fans were pleasantly surprised with the series finale in November 2022 when Rick and Michonne appeared in a coda scene at the end of the episode. These scenes reveal what has transpired since they departed from the series and remind viewers that each character has impacted the story with the quote, “We’re the ones who live.”

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The Rick and Michonne series will consist of six episodes; it is unclear whether this will be a limited series. Filming for the series began in New Jersey in February 2023 and wrapped in May. This series will replace the formerly announced trilogy of Walking Dead movies.

The Walking Dead: Rick and Michonne spinoff

Limited casting announcements have been made for The Ones Who Live series, but many familiar faces could appear in this storyline.

Heath (Corey Hawkins) – this character disappeared during season 7 while on a scavenging mission with Tara (Alanna Masterson) and was never mentioned again. Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang confirmed that Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) traded Heath to the CRM (Civic Republic Military), but this was never seen on screen. The CRM will likely play an essential role in the Rick and Michonne spinoff, as Jadis also traded Rick to this organization.

The last time viewers saw Heath, he was surrounded by walkers, so if he was bitten, he would have been traded as an A and used as a test subject. If not, he could have been a B and enlisted in the military.

Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) – it was confirmed in the limited spinoff The Walking Dead: World Beyond that Jadis used Rick as her ticket into the CRM. She was last seen as Warrant Officer Jadis Stokes (interestingly, she used Gabriel’s [Seth Gilliam] last name) on that series. Since she is responsible for Rick being held captive by the CRM, she would be a character that would seem natural to include in the upcoming series.

McIntosh posted on social media that she was leaving Ireland to work on a new project, and days later, she posted a snowy photo with an American flag. Rumors have spread that she was spotted on the set of Rick and Michonne. Hopefully, Jadis will return to The Walking Dead universe in this series.

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Judith and RJ (Cailey Fleming and Antony Azor) – Rick and Michonne’s kids need to be featured in this series. Depending on the time frame, new actors may need to be cast to include these characters, but how do you have a series about their parents and not include them?

Fans long for this family to be reunited, especially since Rick isn’t even aware of his son RJ’s existence. This would be a fantastic moment to be included in this series.

Morgan Jones (Lennie James) – Morgan has always flitted in and out of Rick’s life. Fear the Walking Dead’s eighth and final season saw a seven-year time jump; this would bring that storyline just about up to date with The Walking Dead. It would then be realistic to see Morgan in the spinoff.

UPDATE: Morgan’s finale appearance during the midseason eight finale of Fear the Walking Dead saw him and his daughter Mo (Zoey Merchant) traveling in search of his old friend Rick Grimes.

Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki (Maggie Grace) – Grace left Fear TWD during season 7, but Al had heavy ties to the CRM. Her girlfriend Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon) was a CRM soldier who, because of her actions, was wanted by this organization. The duo was likely captured, opening the door to Al returning in this series.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) would be another character who would be good to see in this series since the main series ended with him riding off to look for Rick and Michonne, but he will somehow find his way to France in a spinoff of his own. The CRM could be involved in his overseas journey, but The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon series will premiere before the Rick and Michonne series, so this is unlikely.

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