Jeffrey Dean Morgan won't watch The Boys season 4 until the live airing for one reason

Morgan, who is well known for his roles in The Walking Dead and Supernatural, will appear in the fourth season of The Boys coming in June.
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video
The Boys season 4 on Prime Video /

It's been a long time coming, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan has finally been able to squeeze in a season of The Boys into his extremely busy schedule. Morgan and his fans have longed for him to join the cast of the Prime Video series.

Morgan reunites with showrunner Eric Kripke, creator of The Boys and Supernatural, the latter of which Morgan starred as John, patriarch of the Winchester family. Both have been highly motivated to find a way to get Morgan on the series, and the stars have finally aligned.

While Morgan does have the resources to preview the season via Pix, a secure service used in the industry for critics and other professionals to preview in advance of the premiere, he will likely wait until the Prime Video release date on June 13. Why? He explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly this is due to the fact that he has trouble with the layers a security which include auto-generated codes. Morgan, who has stated he isn't so tech-savvy, gets irritated because "It always f---s up and it makes me crazy."

Who does Jeffrey Dean Morgan play in The Boys?

Things have been hush hush where Morgan's character is concerned but Kripke did tell EW that he is an old colleague of Billy the Butcher, a character portrayed by Karl Urban. This character shares Butcher's concern and hatred of the supes and where everyone else tries to pull Butcher back, Kripke asks what if someone was to push him forward? When asked, Morgan stated that this character is perfect for him.

Fans of The Boys comic, created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, have speculated that Morgan's character could be Joe Kessler, AKA Monkey. There has been no announcement regarding who the character is, and it won't be long until it is revealed. Filming for his role was tough as Morgan was finishing filming for The Walking Dead: Dead City, the Maggie and Negan spinoff. Morgan's comment to EW appears to indicate a smaller role, as he only filmed a few scenes.

"I'm incredibly lucky that Eric and the crew allowed that to happen because it's a pain in the ass. You can't lock a picture, you can't finish anything. They're just waiting for Jeff to f---ing show up to shoot a few scenes."

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

One month before the premiere, The Boys Twitter (now X) posted the image of Urban and Morgan and their "1 month until season 4 salute."

The Boys season 4 premieres on Prime Video on June 13. The first three episodes will be released, followed by new episodes weekly, with the season finale airing on July 18.

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