Shudder's recent relese, Baghead, stars Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon's Ned Dennehy

Baghead - Courtesy Shudder
Baghead - Courtesy Shudder /

AMC released its latest horror, Baghead, on Shudder on April 5. The film stars Ned Dennehy, who portrayed RJ Gaines in The Walking Dead spinoff, Daryl Dixon's first season. He is well known for his role as Charlie in Peaky Blinders and for his portrayal of Lionel Brown in Outlander.

Baghead, part of Shudder’s Halfway to Halloween programming, is based on the award-winning short film created by director Alberto Corredor in 2017.

Iris (Freya Allan) travels to Berlin to identify the body of her estranged father (Peter Mullan) and, upon meeting with The Solicitor (Dennehy), discovers she has inherited a century-old pub, The Queen’s Head. Unknown to her, when her name is signed on the deed to the property she becomes attached to an unspeakable entity who lives in the basement known as Baghead. The shape-shifting being can transform into the dead, a fact which Iris uses to her advantage and charges $2000 to those looking to talk with their departed loved ones. The rules state the conversations can only last two minutes or result in terrible consequences.

The film also stars Jeremy Irvine who portrays Iris' first customer, a man who lost is wife, and Ruby Barker, Anne Müller, Svenja Jung, Julika Jenkins, Saffron Burrows, and Felix Römer.

Below is a clip of instructions for Iris from her deceased father, previous owner of the pub.

The film has been compared to Monkey Paw's Talk to Me, but Corredor had his idea years before that film was released. While the comparisons are fine, as this is the norm, it is important to give Baghead a fair, unbiased look. It is a unique and clever horror movie with several unexpected jump scares.

Dennehy will also star in the upcoming Western, The Thicket with Juliette Lewis, Peter Dinklage, and Metallica’s James Hetfield. He also stars in the first known live-action VR series, The Faceless Lady, from Meta, Eli Roth, Crypt TV and ShinAwiL, that premiered on stereoscopic (3D).


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