Walking Dead universe EP, director and SFX guru Greg Nicotero lands next project

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Greg Nicotero is a multi-hyphenated man who has been part of The Walking Dead universe before the main series was green-lit. He would begin his Walking Dead career in SFX and, by season 2, become a director; he has also served as an executive producer and directed several TWD webisodes. By the conclusion of TWD, he directed 37 episodes and will direct the first episode of the second season of the massively successful spinoff The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - The Book of Carol titled "Years."

Deadline recently reported that Nicotero has secured his next project, Swan Song, a post-apocolyptic series based on Robert McCammon's bestselling novel. He will join Monarch Media, and
Brian Witten's Monster Agendy Productions. Nicotero and Witten executive produce with Monarch's Steve Barnett, Alan Powell and Vicky Patel and author McCammon.

In 1987, Swan Song tied with Stephen King's Misery for the Bram Stoker Award. Swan Song is set after the United States' nuclear showdown with an unprecedented malevolent enemy. The remaining citizens, living in a version of America nothing like it was before, fight to survive in a world overrun with monstrous creatures and marauding armies.

At the time of Deadline's initial report no cast members have been announced for Swan Song.

Greg Nicotero - other projects

For over three decades, Nicotero has dedicated his life and career to filmmaking. He loves what he does, and he does it well. He began as an apprentice on George A. Romero's Day of the Dead (1985), an experience that would see him set aside his pre-med career and follow his filmmaking path.

In 1988, he, along with friends Robert Kurtzman and Howard Berger, developed the Oscar- and Emmy Award-winning make-up effects company KNB EFX. Nicotero would find himself working alongside the filmmakers who inspired him, including Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and Wes Craven.

He is well known for his work on the Creepshow series with Witten that airs on AMC. This anthology series is in its fourth season and is the continuation of the movie from 1982.

Throughout his career he has emassed a huge list of credits to his name including, Misery, , The People Under the Stairs, The Mist, Cabin Fever, and more.

He has also worked on several non-horror titles including Dances with Wolves, Pulp Fiction, Jingle All the Way, Boogie Nights, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Breaking Bad, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and many more.

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