Walking Dead Season 5: Can the Group Find Sanctuary Somewhere Else?


Will the Walking Dead crew find a new sanctuary?

The thought of a sanctuary is intriguing though to all the survivors of the Walking Dead. There is a reason why all of them ended up in Terminus. There is a reason why any of the wanderers were going to Terminus in hopes of finding a place to call home.

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Even back in Woodbury, people were looking to find a place that they could feel safe and feel like things are normal all over again. That is what the survivors want and it is what keeps them moving and fighting.

I don’t know if the question is “will they find a new sanctuary?” The question really is “When will they find a new sanctuary?” At least they will find a new location and be looking to create a sanctuary there.


Episode 2 of the Walking Dead shows that they will be meeting up with Father Gabriel Stokes. In the comic series, he will provide a place for people to stay and protection for them. He knows a lot about the town and will be able to help the group find some supplies and make a new home there.

Here we will find out what the plan is going forward for everyone in the group. Not everyone was on that plan to go to Washington before they were getting prepped to be dinner.

Some people might want to stay around with Father Stokes and others might want to continue on with getting Eugene to Washington. If they do stay, this could be their new sanctuary. It would make sense to have a priest in their sanctuary.

What  does everyone else think is going to happen on Sunday?

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