Walking Dead: What are the Signs on the Trees?


For the last 2 episodes of the Walking Dead we have seen things carved into the trees. What is that about? 

The Walking Dead Episode 2 just finished up on Sunday and we see more of these carvings on the trees. What are these carvings all about?

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There is a theory that is out there that these a hobo signs that are put on the tree. That would be a theory that makes sense, but then comes the part about reading these signs. Here is a little page on hobo signs that you can check out to see what everything means. The only difficult part is actually understanding what each one means and what was actually on the trees.

The first signs that Morgan fins at the end of Episode 1 looks like it means “Good for a hangout” or “OK Here”. I would assume that it meant “OK Here” based on the show.

Who in the world knows anything about hobo signs other than hobos?

Anyway, right before Bob gets kidnapped by the Hunters, we see another sign that was carved into the tree. This one looks like it meant “Beware” or “Doubtful.”

The bottom one looks like it is a straight line, but if you look closer it is actually an “L” type shape and that would mean “Danger”

I am sure the explanations of the hobo signs will be explained in a later episode, but at this time we are not even sure who is putting the signs on the trees. Who wrote the “Beware” symbol on the tree and is that referring to Father Gabriel? There was that little marking on the church exterior that read “You will burn for this.”

Is Father Gabriel someone to be trusted?

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