Andrew J. West talks about filming the brutal scene


Walking Dead Actor Andrew J. West had a brilliant performance on the show and he talks about some of the details of the brutal scene with the Wall Street Journal. 

The Walking Dead has had a number of amazing performances from their actors this season. Andrew J. West only was able to last for 3 episodes in season 5, but he was brilliant in his 3 episodes. It all ended with the brutal scene of Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) chopping up Gareth with a machete with the red handle.

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Andrew talked about the filming of that scene with the Wall Street Journal:

"The actual physical shooting was very intense. They didn’t know how exactly they were going to cut the scene together. They had to get a lot of different angles, had to get a lot of different pieces. At one point, they wrapped my entire torso with padding underneath my clothes and gave Andy Lincoln a rubber machete – they had him hit me over and over again as hard as he could. I felt the pressure of the blows and it’s scary. At the same time, we had the special-effects guys spraying blood all over us. It was nothing like I had ever shot before."

That was one of the most intense scenes of the show. This show is full of some intense scenes and West did an incredible job of playing his part as Gareth of the Hunters. In 3 episodes this season, he was able to capture the fans attention and was able to get us all to hate his guts.

There were a number of fans that were “satisfied” with the fact that the group of Hunters had been taken out. That has to be credit to what Andrew was able to do with his character.

He did an amazing job and it is too bad that he will no longer be able to contribute to the show. At least he lasted 3 episodes in.

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