The Walking Dead: Does Carol Die in ‘Slabtown’?


The Walking Dead is known for its plot twists, and the teasers this week for the new episode of the show have people panicked over the possible death of Carol. 

One of the things that makes The Walking Dead so intense is that no one is ever safe, and that has fans constantly nervous about their favorite characters. So far Rick, Daryl and the gang have survived the first four seasons of the show and so many more incidents than they probably should have but as we learned last week, everyone’s number comes up at some point.

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Unlike how we saw the demise of Hershel in season four, not everyone goes out in a blaze or in a giant moment in the show. Like with Bob, sometimes you just get a leg eaten and keel over without much fanfare. The emotions ran high with Bob’s death but the death of Carol is something that would makes heads explode.

The promo for the episode which premieres tonight seemed to suggest that the end of Carol may be near, and the photo evidence wasn’t pretty. The images from the promo were captured and passed around the internet which caused most of the panic.

While we don’t know what is going to happen for sure, what we can confirm is that Carol is not dead, rather she’s simply knocked out. The Spoiling Dead Fans managed to spot the filming locations for the second half of the fifth season and noted that both Carol and Beth were present, meaning neither character will meet their demise this episode.

Then again, flashbacks are always possible and the uneven nature of The Walking Dead when it comes to the fates of their characters means anything is possible.

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