The Walking Dead Spoilers: Is Daryl In Love With Beth?


The Walking Dead midseason finale is tonight, and that means Daryl may face some devastation in the form of the death of a character he may or may not be in love with. 

Is Daryl in love with Beth? That’s a question fans have had on their minds for a very long time as ever since the end of last season it’s been clear that something might be going on between the two.

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All of that could come to an emotional head this Sunday, and Norman Reedus is dishing on just what the relationship between Beth and Daryl really is.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Norman Reeds dug into the meat of the relationship Daryl has with Beth, and it’s one that may not be love but it’s close.

"“When he was alone with Beth [in Season 4’s ‘Still’], I don’t know that he knew what those feelings meant, but they were feelings. It wasn’t so much a love affair as it was like, ‘Things can be good. Maybe you’re the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s, and you’re going to show me where all the candy is.’”"

Reedus won’t confirm if Daryl has feelings for Beth, but her death in the midseason finale would still have a massive impact on him regardless, Even if it’s not love, Beth seems to center Daryl or at least give him some sort of calm in his life. Losing that would devastate Daryl and give him a lot of emotional stress and devastation moving into the second half of the first season.

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